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Reviews from current Woodlands Nursery parents

You have all laid such a great foundation for our son and you have got to know him so well.  His love of nature, enthusiastic and inquisitive personality and more recent growing love of sport all seem to have shone through.  Thank you for all of your hard work and caring nature.

We are delighted with our daughter's progress over the last year at Woodlands.  She has developed in so many areas and is more than ready to make the transition into Reception.

It has been such a pleasure having our son at Woodlands.  You accepted him with open arms and have worked with us to make him the special person that he is.  I will forever be grateful for your investment in him. 

Woodlands has given our daughter everything and more than we hoped.  She often tells us how happy she is at Woodlands and on days off, she often asks to go to school and frequently talks about all of the teachers and helpers.

Our daughter has had an incredible two years at Woodlands and she has grown and flourished into a confident, happy and engaged little girl.  Woodlands has provided so many wonderful experiences due to its wide curriculum, enriching the children.  Our daughter has learnt so much, but most of all she has had fun everyday.

The children get to do such great things every day in a wonderful environment. All the staff clearly do a fantastic job as my child comes home so happy and talks about nursery with such excitement.


Woodlands and its staff are wonderful! The children have come on leaps and bounds in their development and that is a testament to all your hard work. Thank you!

My daughter initially talked about Woodlands being her sister’s school nursery (her older sibling year 1) and I was a little anxious wondering how long this detachment she had leaving one foot in the door was going to last. Very quickly she started calling it MY nursery, she comes back home saying I LOVE various teachers names today because they were so kind and let me do..... whatever she enjoyed doing that day. It's always something Magical and interesting that she has been doing throughout the day, she was teaching her younger sibling French numbers the other day brilliant!

She, like most children is ready to come home but most certainly would go back in for another half an hour at pick up time if I let her!

Thank you for making it HER nursery, such an easy transition that I was actually dreading. You all do a fab job and a very important job that's why my kids are under your guidance when I'm not. Keep up the fire engine making, dancing, cake making, phonics, French, maths, stories, P.E and all the other fun stuff you expose the children to!

A huge thank you to all the staff, my son loves going to nursery. I love tapestry as it provides a window through which I can see and follow his development. Shirley, your hard work and that of the staff has not gone unnoticed-thank you! Joseph is learning so much but most importantly he is happy and excited by process.

I'd just like to say ditto! I knew Woodlands would be a fantastic nursery but it has totally exceeded all of my expectations. My son has settled in so well and loves telling me about all the exciting things he does every day. It's a real joy to come into such a happy and friendly environment every morning and afternoon. A huge thank you to all the teachers who do such a great job every day.

We couldn't be more delighted with Woodlands and the transformation in our son’s confidence in just a few weeks is astonishing. When I pick him up, he gives me details about his day that I never thought I would get out of him - a sure sign that he loves his time there and is happy and settled. Thank you Shirley and your team for the absolutely fantastic job that you are doing!

Our daughter started at Woodlands in January. Since joining the nursery environment her growth and development has been very apparent.  This is largely attributed to the safe and happy family that Shirley and the team are building.  

She is warmly and personally greeted each morning by staff who genuinely notice when she has arrived and whom, it is clear, she has a lot of affection for.  

We're particularly impressed already with how well our daughter is becoming known by the staff both in terms of her personal needs and individual characteristics. When the staff talk to me about her, I know they are talking about my child and I can relate to what she's been doing or observations made of her.  It is so reassuring that the team are passionate about establishing this strong relationship and foundation, upon which our daughter can thrive and learn.

To have a 3 year old who is genuinely upset when it's not a nursery day for her is testament to Shirley and her team.