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The Beechwood Library

The Main Library at Beechwood Park School is housed in a wonderful room designed by Thomas Cundy for Sir John Saunders Sebright (1767-1864). 

The Junior Library takes place in the Junior Hall on Thursday each week during term time. Pupils in reception and Years 1 and 2 visit the Library at set times with their class and are supported by Librarians who help them choose age-appropriate books.

In the Middle and Senior Departments, each pupil has at least one session in the Main Library every week, either in their English set (Year 5 to Top Form) or in their form groups (Year 3 and Year 4). These sessions are supported by Librarians who advise on next reads, assist with issuing and returning books, and listen to pupils read.

From Year 6 onwards, pupils may volunteer to become Librarians, and one or two Top Form Librarians are appointed Head Librarians. The pupil Librarians help with many aspects of running the Library, including keeping the Library tidy, shelving books, organising magazines, and distributing First News around the School. The Top Form Head Librarians have additional responsibilities and help recruit and train the new Librarians. 

Two reading groups named the Roaring Readers, meet in the Library during senior morning breaks on Tuesday and Thursday. The Roaring Readers is open to pupils in Years 6, 7 and Top Form.

Two Year 5 reading groups, named Literary Lions, meet in the Library during morning senior morning breaks on Monday and Wednesday.

A Year 4 reading group, named Busy Bookworms meet during middle morning break on Tuesday.

In January 2018, Jonathan Stroud was appointed the first Patron of Reading for Beechwood Park School, for the year. Jonathan is a well-known children’s author and he embraced his role as our first Patron, working with the English department and the Main Library to encourage and promote a culture of reading for pleasure at Beechwood Park School. In Jonathan’s words:

“Books are a vital part of every childhood – for the doors they open, for the worlds they unlock, for the new dreams and possibilities contained on every page. They send the imagination soaring and they help us forge an understanding of who we are”.

The Main Library runs regular literary-inspired and topical competitions, which are very popular with the pupils. We also hold a huge book sale on World Book Day each year, which involves the entire school. 

The Main Library has many other functions, and is used for exams, lessons, assemblies, rehearsals and competitions. Whilst it is a busy place, with a constant buzz of activity, it is also an inspiring and beautiful room, with vast windows offering stunning views over Beechwood's sports fields. Please come and visit us!