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A converted coach house and an old wine cellar have been imaginatively adapted to provide a wonderful Art studio and Ceramics suite equipped with a newly purchased kiln and two electric potter’s wheels.

All the children at Beechwood Park study Art from the time they enter the School. They develop their love of art through learning skills, using a wide variety of media and techniques. Developing the ability to draw from observation, colour and use techniques used by both Contemporary artists, as well as the Old Masters, both in two and three dimensional work.

Professional artists are invited to Beechwood to run workshops in various mediums, using different techniques in order to inspire the children’s creativity and interest,  as well as develop their knowledge. 

Beechwood Park provides a stunning environment in which to foster artistic talent. The rich history of the building and the landscape provide stimulating material for the pupils to draw upon. 

Pupils are given half term grades and written reports, which show their progression. As well as these, pupils fill out a simple assessment sheet, noting the lesson objective and how well they feel they have achieved it, after which the teacher makes their comment, to motivate and aid progression in the subject. 

Both boys and girls who demonstrate a particular gift and talent for art are invited to join extra art groups, make use of the art library and private study area, in order to help them prepare for Art Scholarships to their selected senior schools.