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From Reception upwards pupils benefit from dedicated lessons in Computer Science.

These lessons ensure that the children receive instruction in a wide range of age appropriate computing skills, from Word Processing to Spreadsheets, Presentations to Desktop Publishing, Cloud computing and Web based resources, Web site creation and App development, a particular emphasis on Coding, underlying and continuous e-Safety, as well as exposure to a broad variety educational software and hardware.

Beechwood Park has two dedicated Computer Science suites that are equipped with computers running Windows and an Apple Mac suite, all running the latest software with a very fast, filtered Broadband connection and strong Wi-Fi, as well as bookable iPads. Computers, Touchscreens and printers are also installed in classrooms across the School.

The software and web based resources we use are carefully chosen for each age group to ensure continuity and progression, and covers both industry standard as well as education-focussed applications. Staff utilise touch screens and Computer Science resources to assist with the pupils' learning. Pupils and parents benefit from Beechwood Park's Virtual Learning Environment and regular Twitter updates.

Recent focuses have included; Google Apps for Education ( G-Suite), iPhone App creation, coding languages including Python, Kodu and Solidity, iPad usage, web-based Presentation creation, BBC micro:bits, Touch Typing, Classroom Voting systems, Mind Mapping, 3D vector modelling and e-Safety initiatives.

Beechwood Park is NAACE ICT Mark Accredited (2007, 2011 and 2015) which recognises the school’s success in developing the use of Computer Science in both administration and across the curriculum.