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We seek to inspire and engage our pupils about the wider physical and human world in which they live.

Pupils are taught to understand places and processes which will help them become capable decision-makers of the future.  Our aim is to enable pupils to have greater understanding of the human and physical world.

We teach pupils about processes and provide them with information to help them react to current world issues.  In the Junior Department, Geography is covered largely through topic work. From Year 4 onwards we teach Geography in specific lessons.

In Year four, pupils cover Ordnance Survey map skills and atlas skills.  For much of the year, the focus is on St Lucia; comparing its climate and culture to that of the UK.  Then in Year five pupils engage with issues surrounding Farming, the UK and Settlements.

When pupils start year six they commence the Common Entrance syllabus. They begin the year learning about Coastal Processes, before moving on to study Plate Tectonics and Industry.

In Year seven, all of the pupils take part in the Geography residential trip to Cornwall where they study Coasts and Flooding, including a poignant trip to Boscastle. They complete their academic year studying Rivers, Weather, and Population.

By the time pupils enter Top Form they will have completed the syllabus for Common Entrance and begin the year with a study of Microclimates based at our School site.

Whilst they are in Top Form, pupils prepare for Common Entrance, and some for Scholarship and they will also take part in the “Top Form World Cup” global location competition

Throughout the course of study, pupils are introduced to current case studies and use up to date technology for their work. Virtual field trips, interactive learning and eJournaling are some of the many tools used to bring the ‘outside world’ to the classroom.