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New Talent Day - 12th March, 2018

The Governors of Beechwood Park School are offering means tested support, up to 100% fee remission on tuition fees to boys and girls wishing to join our School in Year 7 (September 2018) who can demonstrate outstanding talent in and out of the classroom.

Joining Beechwood Park at Year 7

Every year, new pupils join us for Years 7 and Year 8 (or Top Form as it is known at Beechwood Park) for the final two-year Common Entrance Programme, through which we prepare children for admission in Year 9 to a wide variety day and boarding schools.

Children love their final two years at Beechwood Park and we enjoy watching the huge academic and personal development that these years provide for our oldest pupils. A significant proportion of our pupils will go on to Year 9 in their chosen Senior Independent School with some form of scholarship or award.  The majority of these schools also offer fee assisted places subject to means-testing. For further information, click here to read; Why should I join Beechwood Park at Year 7?

New Talent Day Application Process

For further information and to register your interest your child becoming a pupil at Beechwood Park School, please complete the relevant form below. 

Please note that if you are applying for a means tested place, your child must meet our own assessed baseline academic requirements and demonstrate outstanding talent in at least one category as follows; Art & Design, Music, Drama & Dance, Sport. The School will then seek your permissions to assess your financial eligibility in accordance with the Beechwood Park School Bursary Policy. 

If your application is not dependent on means tested assistance, your child must only meet our own assessed baseline academic requirements. Your child is welcome to attend the New Talent Day  on Monday 12th March 2018 or apply through our usual admissions procedures here.

You will need to forward evidence of your child’s abilities, achievements and potential, including School reports written by their Headteacher, Specialist Teacher or Coach before the day. Please bring along portfolios and larger pieces of evidence on the day. We will talk to your child informally about their interests and talents on the day. All candidates will take a CEM InCAS assessment and will meet the Headmaster and/or a Head of Department for an informal discussion.

Once we have reviewed your completed form, we will contact you formally to invite you and your child to the New Talent Day. This will take place at Beechwood Park School on Monday 12th March.

We will also inform you or any further details which we shall require specific to your child’s application.  If you have any queries in the meantime please contact our Registrar, Liz Graham on 01582 840333 or click here to send an email.


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