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Pupils in the Senior Department are primarily cared for by their tutor. Each tutor is responsible for around ten children.

The transition from the Middle Department to the Senior Department is carefully managed by the Year 6 tutor to ensure that every pupil is able to adjust to the slightly longer working day, the broader programme of activities on offer and the increase in home learning.

The tutor is the main point of contact between the family and school. All parents will have an opportunity to meet their son’s or daughter’s new tutor at a special meeting for parents of pupils who are joining the Senior Department at the start of the new academic year.

In the Senior Department all subjects are taught by subject specialists and pupils move from classroom to classroom for their lessons. Pupils are taught in sets in Latin, French, Science, History, Geography and Theology, Philosophy and Religion, in addition to Maths and English. In Year 7 and Top Form (Year 8) pupils are able to choose which creative, physical and technical subjects they study; they elect five subjects from a range of eleven subjects which has included Art, Art Appreciation, Art and Design, Ceramics, Cookery, Computer Science, Dance, Design Technology, Drama, Electronics, Music, Musical Theatre, Physical Education, Sculpture and Textiles.

As the children mature the needs of boys and girls begin to differ. A key aspect of the Senior Mistress’ role is to make sure that all the children can access the support that they need when they need it. The Senior Mistress is responsible for the Personal Social Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE) programme that is delivered by the Tutors. The Senior Mistress manages a team of staff available at break and lunchtimes for children to drop in and have a private chat if they need it.

Staff at Beechwood Park have many years of experience preparing children for Entrance and Scholarship exams to Senior Independent Schools and the school has an outstanding record of examination success. We are in an excellent position to advise parents on which senior school to choose for their child. The advice that the school gives puts the needs of the child first; Beechwood Park is completely independent and there is no expectation that a certain proportion of its pupils should go on to one school or another. All pupils applying to a Senior Independent school can expect to receive a place. A significant proportion of them will go to their next school with some form of scholarship or award. (See ‘Leavers' Destinations’ for more information).