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At Beechwood Park School our Nursery staff understand child development and work together to create an optimal learning environment for your child.

Our staff are well supported and regularly trained allowing us to  monitor and develop their practice and professional development. 

Our current Woodlands Nursery Staffing Team comprises:

Helen Dalkin  BA (Hons ) PGCE   Assistant Head of School and Head of Junior Department and Early Years
Shirley Hayman  B.Ed (Hons)/EYP     Nursery Teacher and Head of Nursery
Sarah Reed BA (Hons) Early Years StudiesNursery Teacher and Deputy Head of Nursery
Ruth Baker   Foundation Degree in Early Years PracticeNursery Teacher  
Natalie Kneller   BA (Hons) PGCE Nursery Teacher
Amita Raina  International Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy Early ChildhoodNursery Teacher
Sophie Swain   Children and young people's workforce (Level 3)Nursery Teacher
Catherine Brown   NVQ3 Children and Young Peoples' WorkforceNursery Teacher
Lauren Bassett   Children and young people's workforce (Level 3)Nursery Teacher (on Maternity leave)
Susan Richardson NVQ3 Children's Care, Learning and DevelopmentNursery Assistant
Donna Comfort NNEBNursery Practitioner