Whole School Science

Science Dome Visit

Last week, pupils in Years 4 and 5 were fortunate enough to be whisked off to space thanks to a visit from Steve and the Science Dome, which took the children on a 360° journey through our solar system and beyond.  The visit tied in nicely with Year 4’s forthcoming topic in Science and Year 5’s current study of the topics; sound and light.

During the session children enjoyed learning about space, including the International Space Station, the relative positions of the planets in our solar system and about solar and lunar eclipses.

The highlight of the talk was a hair-raising virtual roller coaster ride through space, culminating in sudden impact with an asteroid. Exhilarated (but dizzy) pupils emerged from the Dome.  Iola in Year 5 reviewed the experience as follows:

Last week, everyone in Year 5 had the awesome opportunity to go inside the Science Dome!  We learnt about light and sound and, with the help of the projector, saw a solar eclipse, zoomed in on different planets, looked at constellations and went on a roller coaster ride through space! 
Outside the dome, we played parachute games with different sized balls, trying to drop them through the pockets in the parachute.  We also had the opportunity to hold a piece of a meteorite from years ago (and obviously from space). I really enjoyed the Science Dome and would love to have the experience again next year!

Mrs Begley
Head of Science


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