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Daddy Day Care at Woodlands Nursery

On Tuesday, Woodlands Nursery welcomed 28 daddies (and one grandpa!) to an appropriately named  ‘Daddy Day Care’ morning, where their children and the Woodlands Nursery team shared the Woodlands experience with them.

The enthusiastic daddies kicked off the morning with a Phonics session with a difference - they learnt the sound ‘n’ to music of Bjork; writing small ‘n’s when the music was ‘Oh So Quiet’ and enormous ones when it changed to loud!  After this, a trip to the School’s Sports Hall for a PE lesson with Miss Horn including a warm up game where the daddies' competitive edge came into play.  They really were good sports!

The morning continued with an inspirational Music session, after which, Keeley the School’s Catering Manager brought along much needed cake!  Re-energised, every Woodlands teacher offered a different activity for the dads to try.  Some had a go at rainbow toast making, whilst others hammered ice.  Meanwhile another group made knobbly rocky road cakes whilst others made snow. 

Things may well have changed since these dads went to school, and it was a tremendous opportunity for them to experience first hand how much fun their children have and how they are nurtured, engaged and inspired in this amazing environment, every single day.

Smiling, yet showing signs of tiredness, the dads departed just before lunchtime

Thank you to the dads (and grandpa) who took time out of their day to come and join us, and who entered into the spirit of every activity with such energy.  We enjoyed the morning immensely and have received some lovely feedback already.

Shirley Hayman
Head of Nursery

‘There is consistent evidence that fathers’ interest and engagement with their children’s learning is statistically associated with better educational outcomes, including better exam results, higher levels of educational qualifications, higher educational expectations, more positive attitudes and better behaviours.’(Goldman 2005 cited in DCSF 2008).

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