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Holroyd Howe Nutritionist Visits Beechwood Park

Holroyd Howe Nutritionist, Sally Crewe, visited Beechwood Park last week and inspired pupils to enjoy a healthy lunch, emphasising the importance of a balanced diet.  She demonstrated how our plate of food should look and explained that there are no ‘bad’ foods, just foods that we should only eat sometimes.

Sally highlighted the importance of trying new foods to ensure a good range of vitamins and nutrients to keep our bodies growing healthily. She also reinforced the idea that you need to educate your palate by trying a new taste again and again. Did you know that you might need to try something between 7 - 15 times before you might like it?!

Sally’s visit coincided with our weekly ‘Fruity Thursday’ and her concept of ‘eating a rainbow’ was therefore enthusiastically put into practice at lunchtime!   Her messages clearly had an impact on the children who could also be seen heartily eating all of their carrots!

The day continued with an 'open session' for any parents who wished to meet Sally and ask questions.


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