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More Good News for the Beechwood Park Equestrian Team!

Hot on the heels of their recent success at Bury Farm, the Beechwood Park Equestrian team had another terrific weekend.  This time they competed at the NSEA (National Schools' Equestrian Association) Arena Eventing Qualifier, where the course consisted of a variety of Show Jumping and Rustic fences. 

Longer than a normal course it tested the team, yet was very exciting at the same time.  The judging was also unusual, the riders had not only to keep the jumps up and race against the clock, but  they also were judged on style!

The team performed brilliantly against some very big competition (and larger teams), and as a result have qualified for the National Plate Championships at Keysoe later in the year.

Olivia and Josie went clear in the first class and Fergus was the fastest, the team didn’t accrue any time faults. Josie rode clear in both rounds, in great time and with incredible style.  As a result, she came 3rd & 4th respectively in each class and also qualified for the National Championships at Addington later in the year.

Congratulations to the team, who have represented Beechwood Park so well.  We are looking forward to following your next event.

Miss Leckie-Harbord

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