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News from the Senior Department


This week we have had a focus on Leadership in the Senior Department. In last week’s newsletter, you will have seen our fantastic Top Form pupils help lead the Co-curricular Assembly with their Link Forms and this week I have received brilliant feedback from the Junior, Middle and Senior Department Form Teachers about how amazing Top Form were with the younger pupils. Our Top Form pupils also found out today which of the Whole School Leadership roles they have been awarded this year and I wish them every success as they take this next step in their journey.

As a school, we are focusing on the development of the 10 key skills identified by the World Economic Forum as those essential to future academic and career development and well-being. One of these being the skill of leadership and social influence. In PSHE and Future Skills lessons,  our pupils have been considering their own personal qualities, possible career paths, and how they manage their relationships with their peers – all important steps on the path to developing successful leaders of the future.

In this week’s assembly we considered what leadership actually is and what qualities I’m talking about when I say I want all Senior Department pupils to be leaders within the School. I myself am currently undertaking a National Professional Qualification in Senior Leadership, so this is something I too am learning about and developing personally.

We discussed in assembly that leadership is not the same as ‘being in charge’, and that while being in charge means you have a position of responsibility, being a good leader means you use that responsibility wisely and to good effect.

At Beechwood we believe that every one of our pupils has the potential to lead and we will endeavour to create a range of opportunities this year for pupils to realise and develop these skills.

Mrs Wright
Head of Senior Department

Year 6 French

Year 6 have been learning to give directions in French this week and they made some fantastic videos to help them learn the phrases. Attached are Lochan’s and Kaede’s videos for you to watch, simply click on the link here

News from the Art Department

Here are some brilliant examples of sketchbook development work in some Top Form books. They have been looking at Rust and Decay – and zooming in to capture fine details. We will be turning these drawings into reduction lino prints, and the pupils have cut the first layer onto their plates already – we are all set to start printing next lesson! Take a look at their pictures below.

Michaelmas 2022 Sept

News from the Science Department

Senior Department scientists have been busy with some fabulous hands on learning in the labs this week.  Year 6 have been exploring absorbency, Year 7 have been experimenting with the extension of springs and Top Form thoroughly enjoyed the colourful reactions of zinc and sulphur.

Senior Department Science w/c 26 Sept 2022

From the Senior Library

Outside Chance by Anthony Kessel

Second in the ‘Don’t Doubt the Rainbow’ series, Outside Chance picks up Edie’s story, three months after she solved the case of her mother’s death and became a supersleuth. Now, her reputation is spreading far and wide – everyone wants her help to solve mysteries; like Why does Edie’s neighbour’s long-lost friend suddenly keep turning up wherever she goes? How can students fail an exam when they know their answers were correct? What led to the vicious attack on an elderly woman on Hampstead Heath? And – most alarming of all – should Edie’s schoolfriend be worried about his stepfather’s new activist friends?

Utilising her brave instincts and skills as a supersleuth for hire, Edie sets about resolving the mysteries and averting the crises that she is confronted with – as she comes to realise that things often happen outside of chance, and outside of our understanding and control.



The Children’s Book Show is a charity that inspires school children with a love of reading through an annual programme of in-theatre and digital performances and in-school workshops with the very best authors and illustrators from around the world.  Booking is now open for their autumn programme. Click here to view all of their Autumn Performances 

Nurture Engage Inspire
Year 6 - Uju O Lochan K
Year 7 - Hector G, Felix R, Otto C -
Top Form - - Charlotte P