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Welcome to the Beechwood Blog where you will find a whole host of interesting articles written by members of the Beechwood Park community on as varied topics as the role of the School Nurse to how to encourage your child to read at home, from tackling the question of why children ask “why?” to the benefits of wellbeing dogs in schools.

We hope you enjoy reading our Beechwood blogs!

Current Topics

  • The Role of The School Nurse
  • Encouraging Reading at Home
  • Teaching Maths to Pre School Children
  • How to Choose A Nursery
  • Teaching Literacy to Pre School Children
  • Why children ask “why?”
  • The Importance of School Trips
  • The Benefits of a School Wellbeing Dog
  • How children learn to write

The benefits of learning a foreign language at a young age

Monday 28 November 2022

The Role of The School Nurse

Tuesday 08 November 2022

Encouraging Reading At Home

Tuesday 08 November 2022

Teaching Maths to Pre-School Children

Monday 07 November 2022

How To Choose A Nursery

Monday 07 November 2022

Teaching Literacy at Woodlands Nursery

Monday 07 November 2022

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