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Our Staff

Beechwood Park is a happy, thriving school, where our staff, a talented team of experienced and committed teachers and support colleagues, encourage, challenge and nurture the pupils in their care.   Beechwood teachers are diverse, some with years of experience under their belt, and some starting out in their careers, but each member of the team helps to create our inclusive, nurturing environment for our pupils where everyone is encouraged to discover, explore and develop.

The School is led by the Head and the Senior Leadership team, supported by the Governing Board.

If you need to get in touch with a member of staff, please contact the Front Desk via email or call 01582 840333.


Senior Leadership Team
Head: Edward Balfour - BA (Hons) Cardiff University, PGCE Homerton College, Cambridge
Deputy Head (Pastoral): Jaime Packer - L ès L DAESS Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium
Deputy Head (Academic) and Chaplain: Oliver Bullock - MA (Oxon), QTS Roehampton University
Assistant Head, and Head of Middle Department: Nicola Greenwood - B Ed (Hons) Cantab.
Assistant Head and Head of Junior Department and Early Years: Sam McIntosh B Ed (Hons) Exeter University
Head of Senior Department: Marion Wright, LLB (Hons), University of Essex, QTS
Director of Learning Development: Kerry Clarke - BA (Hons) English and RS, PGCE West London Institute of Higher Education
Director of Co-Curricular Studies: Ottilie Macpherson BA (Hons) Exeter University
Bursar: Anne-Marie Ridler - BSc (Hons), Durham University

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Teaching Staff

Mrs S Ali, BA (Hons), MA, PGCE with QTS – Brunel University

Mrs M L Anderson, BA (Hons), University of South Africa, Head of Classics

Mrs E Balfour, MA, BA (Hons), University of Cambridge, PGCE University of York, Head of Year 5

Miss V Barker, B Ed (Hons), University of Technology, Sydney, M Phil Homerton College, Cambridge (Maternity Leave)

Mrs H Beavis , B Ed (Hons), Homerton College, Cambridge

Mrs J Begley, B Sc, Glasgow, PGCE University of Hertfordshire, Head of Science and Senior Girls’ Tutor

Mrs B Bissett, BA (Hons) QTS Anglia Ruskin University, Head of PSHEE (Maternity Leave)

Mrs M Bloomfield, BA (Hons) LA Sainte Union, PGCE Southampton University, Head of Year 2

Mrs L Briscoe, Certificate of Higher Education, Nottingham Trent University

Mrs S Brown, MA University of Bedfordshire, B Ed (Hons) de Montfort University, Head of Learning Support

A Buddie, BSc (Hons) Abertay University, PGCE Dundee College of Education, Head of Digital Learning

Mrs C R Bullock, MA Oxon, PGCE Cambridge University

Miss C Burton, BA (Hons), Durham University, PGCE South East Wales Centre for Teachers, Acting Head of PSHE

Mrs N Carley, BA (Hons), University of Brighton, Director of Sport

Mrs K Clarke, BA (Hons)  PGCE West London Institute of Higher Education, Director of Senior School Admissions

M Cook, MA (Hons) University of St Andrews, PGCE University of Oxford, Head of History

L Darcy BSc (Hons), Royal Veterinary College, PGCE University of Portsmouth

Mrs K Diamond, BSc (Hons), UCL, PGCE Homerton College Cambridge

A Dixon, BSc (Hons), PGCE with QTS, University of Buckingham

Mrs K Fairburn, BA (Hons), University of Durham

T Fox, BSc University of Westminster, Head of Design Technology 

I Griffiths, BA (Hons), Lancaster University, PGCE Exeter University, Acting Head of Boarding

Mrs C Groeneveld, BA (Hons) with QTS, University of Surrey

Miss A Hamilton, BSc (Hons), PGCE Brunel University, Acting Director of Sport

Mrs L Hegarty, BA (Hons), Laban Centre (London), PGCE University of Brighton, Director of Dance and Drama and Senior Girls’ Tutor

L Ip, BSc, University of Southampton, Primary PGCE St Martin’s College, London, Head of Year 4

Mrs D Johnston, BSc (Hons) Derbyshire College, PGCE University of East London

Mrs A Kelway-Bamber, BA Oxford University, MA University of the Arts, London, PGCE Buckingham University, Head of Art

S King, BA (Hons) University of Manchester, QTS, Head of Modern Foreign Languages

C Kneller, BA (Hons) QTS University of York

K Lambert, MSc, PGCE, University of Hertfordshire

Mrs A Lane, BA (Hons) QTS, University of Leeds

K-P Le Bas, B Ed Dip of Teaching, University of Waikato, New Zealand

Mrs R Le Bas, BA (Hons) QTS, Roehampton University

A Lound, MA (Hons), University of Kent

Ms L Mann, BA (Hons), PGCE, University of Hertfordshire

Miss O MacPherson, BA (Hons) Exeter University, PGCE with QTS Brunel University

Mrs U Oatham, BA (Hons) Brunel University, GTP University of Hertfordshire, Head of Year 3

J Orme BSc (Hons) University of Reading, Head of Geography

M Outson BSc Newcastle College, PGCE University of Northumbria

Mrs S Porter BEd University of Plymouth, QTS

P Reading, Certificate of Education, Leicester Polytechnic

Mrs P Roxan, B Ed (Hons) University of Hertfordshire, Head of Reception

Mrs P Savage, Foundation Degree, University of Hertfordshire, SPLD, Head of Learning Support

Mrs S Shillinglaw, BA (Hons) Liverpool University, PGCE Reading University

Miss H Summerfield, BSc (Hons), University of Exeter

Mrs C Wallis, BA (Hons), PGCE, University of Hertfordshire

Mrs C Wheeler, BA (Hons) University of Cardiff, PGCE Canterbury Christchurch University

Mrs G Wilkins, BA (Hons), University of Kent, PGCE, Head of English

J Wood, B Ed, Head of Theology, Philosophy and Religion

Mrs L Wright, LLB (Hons), University of Essex, QTS, The Shire Foundation, Luton

Mrs M Wright, B Eng (Hons), University of the West of Scotland, PGCE, Bedford, Head of Mathematics

Teaching Assistants

R Antonio

Miss L Bailey

Mrs E Brown

Mrs K Bunyan

Miss Z Clarke

L Cooper

Miss C Dicastiglione

Mrs S P Grant (EYFS)

Mrs M Jones

Mrs L Kington

Mrs N Lynch

Mrs T Murphy

Mrs Z Philips

Mrs P Pope

Miss R Prestedge

Mrs R Storey

Miss E Stredwick

Mrs C Swain (EYFS)

Mrs V White

Woodlands Nursery Staff

Head of Woodlands Nursery:  Shirley-Anne Hayman, B.Ed (Hons) EYPS

Deputy Head:  Donna Comfort NNEB

Natalie Kneller:  BA (Hons), PGCE

Sophie Swain:  NVQ3 Children and Young Peoples’ Workforce

Catherine Brown: NVQ3 Children and Young Peoples’ Workforce

Sharon Brown: BSc (Hons) Psychology

Susan Richardson: NVQ3 Children’s Care, Learning and Development

Emma Matthews:  Nursery Teacher

Medical Staff

Mrs C Jacques, MSc Kings College, BSc Royal Marsden, Lead School Nurse

Mrs H  King, Registered Nurse, School Nurse

Music Staff

Mrs J Lodge, B Mus (Hons) PGCE, Director of Music

Mrs A Jarvis, B Mus (Hons) PGCE University of London

Miss L Bailey,  B Mus, University of Sheffield

Mrs H Bennett, PG Dip, B Mus (Hons), LRAM – Brass

B Buckton, AGSM LGSM – Violin

Miss S Candlin, Dip RCM (Hons) Royal College of Music – Piano

Mrs E Childs. GRSM (Hons), LRAM – Flute and Piano

Mrs C Daggett, Singing

M Gambrell, BA (Hons) – Guitar

Mrs E Greenwood, GCLCM – Clarinet

F Harrington,  B Mus (Hons) Edinburgh Napier University, MMUS Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Head of Keyboard

Mrs P Harrison, LRAM – Percussion

B Kerslake, SB Mus (Hons), M Mus, Griffith University – Singing

Mrs F Meakins, B Mus (Hons), Royal College of Music – Harp

Miss A McPhee, BA (Hons) Music, University of Nottingham, PG Dip RCSAB – Singing

Mrs F Robertson, G Mus (Hons), Royal Northern College of Music – Violin

Ms P Schofield, LRAM, Royal College of Music – Cello

Mrs S Whibley, B Mus (Hons), GRNCM, MA, LTCM (Music Education) – Bassoon and Piano

Ms S Wright, ALCM, Double Bass

Mrs G Proctor, Music Department Administrator

Administrative Staff

Finance and HR

Mrs A-M Ridler, Bursar

Mrs A Barker, Assistant Bursar

Mrs D Barbour, HR and Payroll Manager

K Field, Billings Manager

Mrs G Gamble, Administrative Assistant / Lettings Co-ordinator

Mrs I Lazarescu, Purchase Ledger Administrator

Admissions and Marketing

Mrs E Graham, Registrar and Head’s Secretary

Mrs P Hopkins, Head of Marketing and Communications

Mrs R Johnson, Marketing and Communications Officer


D William, IT Manager

Patrick Cooper, IT Apprentice

School Library

Ms F Messent, School Librarian

Mrs S Ford, Junior Department Librarian

Ms J Lott, Assistant Librarian

School Office

Miss L Allen, School Secretary / Receptionist

Mrs Wendy Hunt, School Secretary / Receptionist

Mrs L Lynes, Junior Department Secretary

The open and trusting relationship that staff and pupils enjoy... leads directly to some excellent pupil choices
ISI 2019
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"Staff ... across the board seem to ooze passion for their subject"
Good Schools Guide
‌d‌o‌n’‌t ‌j‌u‌s‌t ‌t‌a‌k‌e ‌O‌U‌R ‌w‌o‌r‌d....