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Boarding Life

Boarding Life at Beechwood Park is fun, and boarders benefit from some outstanding facilities, exceptional care from our staff, and a wealth of activities to keep them active and happy after school.

The main boarding area is on the first floor in the ‘southern’ half of the main building. It includes five boys’ dormitories, a games room with pool tables, table football and air hockey, and a common room with a TV and Xbox. Drinks and snacks are also served here, and quiet games may be played. The surgery and sick bay is also in this area.

The girls’ dormitories are located on the second floor. There are two dormitories, a common room with games, television, and Xbox. The girls have their own washroom, toilets, and shower rooms. We are able to accommodate up to eighteen girls.

As well as the boarding house, boarders are able to make use of Beechwood Park’s many other facilities, including the Sports Centre, swimming pool, woodland, sports pitches, the Astro and ICT facilities.

Boarding life provides the perfect balance between work and fun: boarders have a full hour of supervised prep each evening. The members of staff taking prep check that each prep has been completed – teaching staff often comment on the excellent standard of prep while children board. Moreover children have access to the Library and ICT facilities which enables them to complete work to the highest possible standard.

There is a large choice of activities every evening and these naturally take advantage of the many facilities that the Beechwood site has. Often the boarders will choose swimming, time in the ICT room, a cinema night in the Performance Hall, or a sport activity outside or in the Hall. The boys and girls are able to use their common rooms during boarding times. Both girls and boys have access to board games and televisions. Films are often shown in segments through the week, but the time children are able to watch television is restricted.

Children who learn musical instruments have plenty of opportunities to practise them whilst boarding. We ensure that children have appropriate practice times, and these slots are supervised, so that children can receive appropriate encouragement and guidance. It is therefore important that children have their instruments and music at school so that they can practise.

For more information about Boarding Life at Beechwood, do get in touch!

In the evenings, we play games and go swimming, but the best evenings are our themed ones - on our Harry Potter Evening,we dressed up, drank "butterbear" and even went down in the secret passages under the school and met some Death Eaters - amazing!"
Current boarder
‌d‌o‌n'‌t ‌j‌u‌s‌t ‌t‌a‌k‌e ‌O‌U‌R ‌w‌o‌r‌d ‌f‌o‌r ‌i‌t
Our son as a little unsure about boarding when he first started, but the staff have been amazing at helping him to settle and very quickly he decided that he simply loved it! I cannot compliment staff highly enough for the warm, close family atmosphere they have created"
‌d‌o‌n'‌t ‌j‌u‌s‌t ‌t‌a‌k‌e ‌O‌U‌R ‌w‌o‌r‌d ‌f‌o‌r ‌i‌t