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School Bus Service

The Beechwood Park School Bus Service operates before and after school, including pick up points in St Albans, Harpenden, Redbourn and villages. It provides minibus and coach services to and from School and is for the use of pupils from Reception to the Top Form.  This is a private bus service for the use of Beechwood Park School only and members of the public cannot, and do not, use the service.

The school bus service:

  • Benefits pupils and parents alike, assisting with the transport to and from designated local bus stops and Beechwood;
  • Offers a more environmentally-friendly option than multiple vehicles making a similar journey;
  • Provides pupils with the opportunity to gain independence and self-confidence as well as to improve their organisational skills;
  • Enables children to mix with Beechwood Park pupils from different age groups.

Routes are under constant review and should there be sufficient demand, new routes may be considered.  The service operates with a chaperone alongside the driver, and pupils from Reception upwards are able to use the service.

Current pick up / drop off points include:

  • St Albans: Prae Close, King Harry Lane, Catherine Street, St Peter’s Street, Sandridge Road, Ancient Briton
  • Harpenden: White Horse, The George, Roundwood Lane /Luton Road, The Common, Slip End
  • Redbourn: Redbourn Common, Redbourn High Street

For information including timetables, prices and Google map links for each stop, please email