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Welcome to the Senior Department

As pupils progress through the School, they become leaders and role models.  In their interactions with younger pupils, they demonstrate that leadership is not about the position you hold, but the way that you act.

The Senior Department at Beechwood Park comprises Years 6, 7 and 8 (or as we call it at Beechwood, Top Form) and a dedicated team of tutors oversee pupils’ pastoral needs and academic progress.   Each tutor is responsible for around 10 pupils.

The transition from the Middle Department to the Senior Department is carefully managed by the Year 6 tutor to ensure that every pupil is able to adjust to the slightly longer working day, the broader programme of activities on offer and the increase in home learning.

The tutor is the main point of contact between the family and the School. All parents will have an opportunity to meet their son or daughter’s new tutor at a special meeting for parents of pupils who are joining the Senior Department at the start of the new academic year.

In the Senior Department, all subjects are taught by subject specialists and pupils move from classroom to classroom for their lessons. Pupils are taught in sets for Latin, French, Science, History, Geography and Theology, Philosophy and Religion, in addition to Maths and English.

Our Future Skills course develops pupils’ core thinking, critical reasoning and learning skills in preparation for senior school admissions and scholarships.

Staff at Beechwood Park have many years of experience preparing children for entrance and scholarship exams to senior schools and the School has an outstanding record of examination success. We are in an excellent position to advise parents on which senior school to choose for their child. The advice that the School gives puts the needs of the child first; Beechwood Park is completely independent and there is no expectation that a certain proportion of its pupils should go on to one school or another.  A significant proportion of our pupils will go on to their next school with some form of scholarship or award. (See Destination of Leavers for more information).

Laurence Darcy

Head of Senior Department

pupils show rapid development of skills and knowledge because of their excellent attitudes to learning and strong personal skills, which allow them to be engaged learners
ISI Inspection Report, 2019
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Pupils show excellent resilience in embracing and celebrating change, ready for the next stage in education
ISI Inspection Report. 2019
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