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Support and Challenge

Beechwood Park aims to engage all children, whatever their ability, to make great progress and become life-learners. We stretch the most able and support the least confident so that they each fulfil their individual academic potential, planning and differentiating our teaching and learning to inspire each child to the highest level of personal achievement.

The Learning Support Department is an integral part of Beechwood Park working with any children who require additional support. Learning Support Specialist staff work alongside class and subject teachers, as well as keeping in touch with parents to ensure best possible provision and outcomes, and we liaise with outside agencies where applicable. We also specifically identify and provide for children who are more able.

High-quality teaching, differentiated for individual pupils, is the first step in responding to all pupils’ needs. Learning Support also provides a range of provision across the School; depending on individual needs, this may include in-class support, small group work or individual intervention.

All pupils at Beechwood Park are closely monitored for signs that they may require some additional support according to their individual needs. We aim to identify difficulties as early as possible so that effective learning strategies or support can be put in place. An internal assessment may be carried out if a clearer picture of strengths and challenges is required. These challenges may include academic, physical, social or emotional difficulties and the department strives to ensure that all our pupils feel happy, confident and inspired.


Teaching ... (offers) diverse and engaging approaches to learning and multiple challenges"
ISI 2019
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The school produces confident children who care about their education and want to try their best"
Current Parent
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