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(All fees are per term unless otherwise stated)

Day Pupils
Reception £4390
Years 1 - 2 £5025
Years 3-4 £5130
Years 5-8 (Top Form) £6355
Woodlands Nursery
Full Day (per day per term) £765
Morning (per day per term) £543
Additional Full Day (where available) £76.50
Per term (up to 4 nights per week) £1,510 (in addition to day fees)
After School Care (Woodlands and Junior Department)
1515-1645 £120 per day per term
1515-1730 £176 per day per term
Late Collection Fee £15 for every 15 minutes or part thereof, following the designated pick up time if a child is not collected on time.

Other Optional Extras

Music (including singing): Individual lessons £290 (10 lessons)* Hire of Musical Instruments £60 (first year) £70 (2nd Year) £90 (subsequent years).

* average per term, (or pro rata if commenced after start of term).

The School cannot remit fees due to pupil illness or any other cause, for either a whole or part of a term. Please pay fees by the first day of each term. The School normally bills boarding fees, music lessons, After School Care and transport in advance and other items in arrears. Interest is payable on overdue accounts at the rate of 3% per annum above HSBC Bank plc base rate.

Notice Period

Please remember to provide a term’s notice of your intention to remove a pupil from Beechwood Park or to discontinue an optional extra. Please provide this in writing no later than the first day of the term at the end of which notice is to take effect. Failure to provide this notice will result in your liability for full payment of the following full term’s fees.

The Head reserves the right to request the removal of any child who, in their opinion, has ceased to benefit from the School or whose influence is damaging to the School’s standard of work or behaviour.

School Fee Plan

Please click on the link below for further information.