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A Day in the Senior Department

The school day is slightly longer once pupils move into the Senior Department; it starts promptly at 0815 with registration period – one of the most important times for Form Teacher Groups to be together; it is a time when Form Teachers can help pupils to organise themselves for lessons and the day ahead, and when pupils can hand in prep, deliver games kit to the changing rooms and musical instruments to the Music Department, and most importantly receive any key messages.

The day then continues with an assembly at 0830 and lessons start at 0900, running through to 1645.  There are numerous after school activities on offer for Senior Department pupils, and Boarding is a popular option for many of our senior pupils, so the day is far from over when lessons end! We actively encourage children to partake in a wide variety of clubs and activities as we firmly believe it enriches and broadens their educational opportunities. Children develop a broad range of interests and skills which will stay with them for years to come.

At 1645 boarders head up the boarding house for prep, music practice and activities with their friends.  Senior Department pupils may attend the Senior Department Prep session every day from 1700 to 1735.