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A Day In the Junior Department

As at Woodlands Nursery, a day in the Junior Department combines a mixture of child-initiated learning and adult directed activities, giving our children a variety of stimulating, exciting and engaging opportunities, to ensure they have every opportunity to explore and develop their learning experiences.

Beyond core numeracy and literacy skills, pupils also enjoy music, swimming, physical education and a foreign language; specialist teaching is an important focus in the Junior Department and each week the children are taught French, Drama, Dance, Music, and PE by some of our specialist teachers.

Typical days in Reception and Years 1 and 2 are shown below:

Time Activity
0730-0815 Optional Breakfast Club (Friday Only - Junior Pupils to be accompanied by a parent/carer)
0815-0830 Junior Department Doors Open
0830 Registration
0840 - 0900 Assembly / Form Time
0900 - 1020 Lesson 1
1020-1040 Break and Snack
1040 - 1130 Lesson 2 for Reception
1040 -1200 Lesson 2 for Year 1 and 2
1130 - 1200 Lunch for Reception
1200 - 1220 Phonics / Handwriting for Reception
1200 - 1230 Lunch for Year 1 and 2
1230 - 1300 Junior Break
1300 - 1520 Lesson 3
1520 End of the School Day / After School Care / After School Clubs
The school produces confident children who care about their education and want to try their best."
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