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Transition to the Senior Department

As they reach the end of Year 5, children will have matured both academically and socially and will be ready to make the transition to the senior department. They will have become excellent role models for the younger members of the Middle Department, and will be eager to embrace the new challenges of the Senior Department, having grown in both independence and confidence.

The transition from the Middle Department to the Senior Department is carefully managed by the Year 6 tutors to ensure that every pupil is able to adjust to the slightly longer working day, the broader programme of activities on offer and the increase in home learning that this entails.

Pupils will already have benefitted from our Future Skills Programme, which from Year 3 begins to prepare them for moving on to senior school.  Throughout the Senior Department, this is built upon and include numerous exciting activities and challenges to develop skills such teamwork, verbal reasoning, interview technique and citizenship.

Please refer to the Academic pages for full details of the Middle and Senior curricula.