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Welcome to Woodlands

Beechwood Park School Nursery, Woodlands, welcomes boys and girls from 2 to start their educational journey.  

Woodlands Nursery prides itself on being a very special place where the youngest of Beechwood Park’s children can develop their individuality, learn, grow and belong.

Woodlands Nursery’s curriculum is carefully planned and balanced to offer each pupil room for personal self-expression and choice, whilst at the same time ensuring that the key, early academic skills and knowledge are woven into the children’s day, through varied learning opportunities.

When you visit Woodlands, you will see and hear happy, busy and confident children who are encouraged to use their teachers as a learning resource, as well as their secure human relationship away from their homes. We understand that our setting may be the first experience of education outside their family, therefore it needs to be one of fun and creativity where the well-being of the adults and children working and playing together is supported – day after day.

A Woodlander belongs to one of two parallel classes, and each has their own key teacher, focused on getting to know that child, caring for them and directing their individual learning and development in creative and fun-filled ways. The classes come together in ‘age and stage’ based groups to learn key early academic skills which are then woven into their continued play. Children are also encouraged and are free to mix, particularly when choosing their own learning and activities.

Our Nursery staff team is highly trained and recognises the vital importance of building secure and happy relationships with you and your child. We care about your child and will work hard to understand their unique and individual personality, interests and needs.

Being part of School, our Woodlanders have the benefit of access to facilities most nurseries are simply not able to offer, such as:

  • Access to the full-sized Sports Hall which they use for their PE lessons,
  • Lessons delivered by specialist teachers during PE and Forest School, Assemblies and Storytimes,
  • Lunch and snacks provided by our award-winning Catering Department, but delivered in the familiar Nursery environment,
  • Opportunity to explore our parkland and woodland setting.

All Woodlands’ parents automatically become members of the thriving Beechwood Park School Parents’ Association (BPSPA), and benefit from many social events throughout the year.

Do come and see us, and witness first hand what a special place Woodlands is for your child to start their learning adventure!

Zoё Pritchard

Head of Woodlands Nursery


Woodlands is an exceptional nursery. Both my children have attended and have throughly enjoyed it. The facilities are absolutely fantastic, as are the staff and the amazing activities that they provide"
Current Parent
‌d‌o‌n'‌t ‌j‌u‌s‌t ‌t‌a‌k‌e ‌o‌u‌r ‌w‌o‌r‌d ‌f‌o‌r ‌i‌t
A wonderful setting with a huge outdoor space for the children to play in. The staff and management are fabulous. My daughter absolutely loves it there - I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this nursery"
Current Parent
‌d‌o‌n'‌t ‌j‌u‌s‌t ‌t‌a‌k‌e ‌O‌U‌R ‌w‌o‌r‌d ‌f‌o‌r ‌i‌t