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A Day in the Middle Department

The Middle Department day starts with Registration at 0820, followed by Form Time or Assembly, which may be a combined Middle and Senior Assembly with the Head, a House Assembly, a Co-Curricular Assembly, or a Numeracy / Literacy based Assembly.

Lessons then start at 0900 running through to lunchtime at approximately 1230, with a 20-minute break at 1100.  Afternoon School starts again at 1320, and the school day finishes at 1620.  During the course of a Middle Department day, pupils will move around the School, taking part in specialist lessons in different parts of the building, including the Music Block, the Art Room, Design Technology Studio and science labs.  Year 3 and 4 continue to have Forest School sessions.

After school activities increase once pupils move into Year 3, and for pupils in Year 5, the fun continues if they opt to join our Boarding House!


pupils show rapid development of skills and knowledge because of their excellent attitudes to learning and strong personal skills, which allow them to be engaged learners"
ISI Inspection Report, 2019
‌d‌o‌n'‌t ‌j‌u‌s‌t ‌t‌a‌k‌e ‌o‌u‌r ‌w‌o‌r‌d....
Teaching ... (offers) diverse and engaging approaches to learning and multiple challenges"
ISI Inspection Report, 2019
‌d‌o‌n'‌t ‌j‌u‌s‌t ‌t‌a‌k‌e ‌o‌u‌r ‌w‌o‌r‌d...