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Our experienced team at Woodlands Nursery has developed our structured curriculum to ensure that our pupils have fun and a wide range of learning experiences that will fully prepare them for transition to Reception.

Our Nursery and Reception teams work closely throughout the year to make each September handover a natural and happy ‘moving on and up’ process.

During the year, the Nursery and Reception children share sessions such as our focus on Diwali, led by parents and they have the opportunity to join in other exciting sessions with visitors to our School. These could be Story and Drama sessions with renowned young children’s authors, or new knowledge sharing opportunities such as meeting Guide Dogs for the Blind volunteers together with their wonderful dogs.

Mrs McIntosh, Head of the Junior Department at Beechwood Park, and the Reception team, will assess children in the November prior to entry into Reception the following September. This assessment identifies particular areas to focus upon during the final terms at Nursery and at home, in order to prepare the children for transition into the Reception classes. We offer a Reception place to the vast majority of Woodlands’ children.

The Reception teaching team will become more involved with your child during their last term in the Nursery, making the move to our Reception classes in the September following their fourth birthday seamless and worry-free.


While playing and enjoying every day there, our child has made great progress with phonics and maths and is well-prepared for starting Reception. I cannot recommend it enough.
Former Woodlands Parent
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