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Welcome to the Prep School

The Prep School at Beechwood begins in Year 3, when children move up from the Junior Department (Pre-Prep) and continues to Year 8. Year 3 is a natural point at which to join Beechwood, if there are places available.  There are three classes in each year group from Year 3 to Year 5, and from Year 6 onwards, pupils move into smaller Tutor Groups.  Each year we welcome new pupils into Year 7 to spend the final two years with us before moving on to senior schools at 13+.

The Prep School is divided into two departments; the Middle Department (Years 3 to 5) and the Senior Department (Years 6 to 8, or Top Form), each with their own identity and space within the School.  As your child moves through the School, expectations change, and opportunities for independence and responsibility increase.  Your child will benefit from an increasing number of specialist teachers, each of whom is passionate their subject.  As they get to the “top of the school”, your child will further develop their skills, and will have more opportunities to demonstrate leadership qualities, ensuring they are fully ready for the senior school adventure that awaits ahead.