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Don’t just take our word for it…

Of course, we could talk all day about our school, but it is important for anyone interested in a place at Beechwood Park to find out what others say about our school. 

Read on for comments and testimonials from parents and pupils, and excerpts from inspection reports and other trusted reviews such as the Good Schools Guide and

What our parents say
  • “Staff do a fantastic job in living up to and epitomising the values of Beechwood Park being a listening and nurturing school. In my opinion, there can be no better foundation than that from which great learning can grow”
  • “My children both love coming to school every day, and I am so excited for them for the future at Beechwood Park”
  • “All of my son’s teachers know him well and are ‘clued in’ to how they can help him develop and grow. Pastoral issues are acted upon quickly and the School provides an incredibly supportive and positive environment in which he can learn effectively”
  • “A nurturing and inclusive environment, with fantastic facilities and outstanding teachers. There is something for everyone to participate in – music, drama and sports”
  • “We love the personal attention and tailored learning each child receives. The School offers a great timetable, varied activities and learning, exciting and innovative approaches to engage children, great communication with parents and lots of regular feedback”
  • “What Beechwood Park does particularly well is how it treats every child as an individual, every staff member seems to know and understand each child they teach, very well”
  • “Absolutely delighted with Woodlands at Beechwood Park. Our little one smiles and runs in to meet his friends. He is learning fast, and the reports accurately represent his achievement level. The location is wonderful, and the facilities excellent. We are very pleased with his teachers, the regular updates and the frequent prompts to engage him in home activities, that further promote his skills. The website is amazing and the photographs and videos help to keep his grandparents, uncles and wider family up-to-date with his daily life and development”
  • “Woodlands is an exceptional nursery. Both my children have attended and have thoroughly enjoyed it. The facilities are absolutely fantastic, as are the staff and the amazing activities that they provide”
  • “Woodlands is and has been a very special place for my children, the setting is beautiful and every member of staff is driven to give the best education and experiences, daily. I would not hesitate to recommend Woodlands”
What the ISI inspectors say
  • “Pupils achieve highly because the School nurtures, engages and inspires them to succeed, in line with its Mission”
  • “Pupils have exceptionally positive attitudes to learning. From winning events, prizes and high marks, to supporting those pupils around them and assisting staff, pupils show the highest standards of commitment and compassion”
  • “Pupils enjoy high levels of success in a significant number of academic, sporting, dramatic, art and musical areas”
  • “Pupils know the teachers know them well, and so feel secure in interactions with any adult”
  • “Pupils are exceptionally well-behaved, accepting responsibility for their own behaviour and… pupils show a level of respect towards each other far exceeding those expected for their age”
  • “The open and trusting relationship that staff and pupils enjoy … leads directly to some excellent pupil choices”
What the reviewers say
  • “Beechwood Park should definitely be on the list of parents who want the certainty of a quality end destination for their child without compromising the joy of the journey”
  • ‘Blown away’ by the wealth of space and facilities – the fabulous covered pool, the enchanting forest school and woodlands where pupils are now allowed to run free at break times, vast grounds, brand new all-weather cricket nets and breathtaking buildings; we certainly couldn’t fail to be”
  • “This seriously academic school has idyllic grounds, bags of opportunities, and a unique child-centred approach which puts kids in charge of their own learning journey”
  • “The woodland area (Friendship Forest) is an absolute corker and understandably a big draw”
  • “Despite having such an academic focus, Beechwood Park pupils still perform impressively on the sporting front, with county and national representatives in many mainstream sports like swimming, cross country, athletics, cricket, football and hockey”
  • “Everything about Beechwood Park is child-centred. Pupils are expected to work hard and take responsibility from an early age”
  • “Beechwood Park pupils are significantly ahead academically. When they join Woodlands Nursery they straddle the National average 50/50, but by the time they reach Seniors, most will be 2-3 years above the National average, so in ten years they develop by 12-13 years”
  • “A challenging and fast moving programme which combines academic studies with co-curricular opportunities”
Beechwood Park should definitely be on the list of parents who want the certainty of a quality end destination for their child without compromising the joy of the journey.
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