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Spotlight on Hollie…

Take 5 minutes to read about Hollies career highlights and learn what our pupils will be taught this summer in sport.

1: How did you get into Cricket?

I started playing cricket at the age of 6, as the only girl colt in my whole club. Seeing both my Dad and my brother loving it, I was very keen to be involved. From here, I progressed into the boy’s cricket teams, playing in both my age group, the age group below and two age groups down. I captained the boys team from U10’s to U17’s. As girls and women’s cricket grew, I participated in the London Youth Games from the age of 10 in the U13 age group, going on to win the Gold medal out of all the London boroughs in my final year!

Girls age group cricket also then started for me at U13 level and over a few years of growth, my club became the largest women and girls’ section in Middlesex. From U13 , I was part of the West Middlesex regional area team and Middlesex County Squad programme – particular highlights being the 40 over National U13 finals in against Leicestershire. From youth cricket, I carried on to the University of Exeter, where I played in their 1XI team and was part of a fantastic high-performance sport programme. With this team, we competed in both Indoor and Outdoor National Finals.


2: Who are your cricketing heroes?

I am currently coached by Beth Morgan, previous England player for 12 years and twice World Cup Champion 2009. She is such an inspiration to me. She was a fantastic cricketer, competing with some of the best batters in the history of women’s cricket. She is the most modest, unassuming and positive role model. Always very encouraging of young talent and seeing the bright side in all situations!


3: What are your cricket highlights to date?

What a difficult choice! Some key highlights for me would be National Silver Medallist winner in the Nationals BUCS finals, as well as, finalist in the outdoor BUCS championships for two years running. A more recent highlight would be my high score of 69 last season in the Womens Southern Championships which I aim to succeed as the 2022 season begins. In the 2021 season, I was also Berkshire 1XI highest wicket taker across the T20 and one day cricket competitions. The 2022 season has already started and I have had the privilege of playing with and against current England players and professional cricketers. I was very proud of getting the first three batters of Worcestershire out, all of whom who have current professional contracts. I also recently competed in the T20 regional finals with Berkshire 1XI, and was the highest wicket taker on finals day this year. I can’t wait to see how the 2022 season develops!


4: Why is it so important for girls to play cricket?

Cricket is a fantastic sport, that should be enjoyed by all. Girls and women’s cricket is one of the biggest growing sports which is such a positive thing to see. It would be amazing to see as many of our girl cricketers this year, going to play for a cricket club!

Cricket is a brilliant sport for socialising and meeting new friends and has a very welcoming community. It is one of the most accessible sports in the introductory stages and thus provides opportunities for all to excel! Girls’ sessions are inclusive, confidence building and full of fun. What a sport cricket is!


5: Cricket starts in year 2 and up this summer at Beechwood Park, what can the children expect and enjoy?

We can expect fun-based practices full of game play and skill development! Year 2 & 3 will be training boys and girls together which will be super exciting. Year 3 & 4 will have their first cricket matches and Year 5-8 will enjoy a mixture of softball and hardball fixtures. I am looking forward to seeing all the Beechwood pupils build great team performances and excel in their skills. I can’t wait to see the brilliant team bonding cricket brings. Fingers crossed for some sunny skies for this season!


6: What was the best piece of advice you were given when you pursued cricket?

Cricket can be a difficult sport! One day it’s the best day in the world and the next, its not very good at all! However, it is the team spirit and support that will always be there, pulling everyone through! Be it highs or lows, cricket teammates are always there for you.


7: Tell us a fun cricket fact?

Cricket is one of the few sports in which the first ever Women’s Cricket World Cup was held before the men’s – by 2 years exactly! It was hosted in England and England Women’s team were crowned champions!