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Middle Department News

This week in Year 3

Science:  Home Learning

Just a few more days left to complete your learning project on Chocolate Rocks. We are looking forward to displaying a picture from everyone in Year 3. The children have until Sunday 6th February to return the work, via the Google Classroom.  


3I’s Forest School Today

It was a very chilly morning today, but 3I were unperturbed! Not even the flurry of snow could put them off! What an exciting day to be in the woods! Have a look at the wonderful pictures below:

3I Forest School 4 Feb 2022

Forest School Reminder

Pupils should wear School Games kit for the session. Pupils should arrive at school in their Games kit and remain in it for the rest of the day. We will remind your child to bring their Games kit home on a Thursday but would appreciate you giving them an extra reminder. We would recommend either short/skort and skins or tracksuit bottoms plus Games top and tracksuit top or hoody. Additional layers will undoubtedly be necessary especially at this end of the term. These do not have to be BPS kit but must be brought to school in a bag and only worn for the FS session. Gloves and a hat are essential!  Don’t forget to send appropriate footwear (wellies, hiking boots, old trainers) and two pairs of socks can be useful to help with cold feet! 

Further Session Dates: 

3M 11 February 

30: 25 February 

 Further dates to be announced later in the term. 

This Week’s Match Reports 

Some of the Year 3 pupils have had a go at writing their own match reports – haven’t they done well?  Well done to Idris, Aeron, Elodie and Isabella.  We would love to see a few more in the newsletter this term, so if anyone would like to write a match report, please speak to your teacher!

Boys’ Rugby vs Westbrook Hay 

By Idris and Aeron

Aiden and Sam both scored the first two amazing tries, but Westbrook Hay followed closely. Idris scored a great try by sliding through one of the opposition’s legs to victory. Aeron made a superb pass to William, who then skidded through to the try line, just before the opposition touched him. There were many knock-ons and many more tries in the match. Idris managed to fly through the pitch twice in a row and gave them the 9th and 10th try. We were drawing for some time until Aeron and Sam took it in turns to make 3 more outstanding tired that gave them the win. With a lot of hard work Beechwood Park sealed their victory with the final score of 13-11. 

Girls Netball vs Berkhamsted 

By Elodie and Isabella 

The first goal went to Beechwood Park, scored by Sienna L. With Alexa back on the court, everyone worked hard. Unfortunately, Berkhamsted scored the next goal, so we were tied 1-1. We discussed our defending and how we marked people and so we then managed to improve this throughout the match. We felt scared but we stayed confident and Elodie scored another goal, with a final one from Isabella. Time was running low and Berkhamsted got two more goals, with the final score being 3-2 to the opposition.  

Temple Visit Next Week

We are all looking forward to our visit to the Hindu Temple next week.  The children have been learning about Hinduism and are now eagerly anticipating the feast at lunchtime and a ride on an ox-drawn cart.  We look forward to sharing lots of pictures with you next week!  Don’t forget your spending money (maximum £5 per child)

Mr Woods

A Message from Matron

Headlice are doing the rounds again in Year 3. Here are some myth busting tips to kick them out!

  1. Boys don’t get nits. Not true, in fact, as girls tie their hair back, boys are just as likely to have nits as the girls.
  2. You have to share a hair brush to get nits. False! Nits walk from one head to another, and so are shared when children hug, work or play close together. Keeping hair tied back (even if’s it’s only shoulder length) is vital in stopping them walking straight in.
  3. Only children get nits. Unfortunately not! If your child has nits, you’ll want to check siblings, nanny, granny and parents.
  4. The white stuff is dandruff, right? If it brushes straight out when you touch it with your hand, it’s dandruff, it is clings to the hair, it’s headlice eggs.
  5. I don’t need to check, my child will tell me – or Matron will! I’m afraid that’s false too. The best way to keep on top of it is to check your child’s hair regularly, which is easy if you are in charge of brushing and styling each morning. If your child does their hair independently, make time each week to check yourself.

For more information, please see our Matron’s Advice Sheet on how to check, how to comb, and how to treat.


Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

The Year 3 Team

This week in Year 4

It has been another very busy week in Year 4. Linked to our History topic, in English, we have launched ourselves into our Viking adventure stories in the past few weeks and have now written Chapters 1, 2 and 3. Next week, the children will have to plan and think about the problem and climax parts of their stories. 

We have really been getting our ‘teeth’ into our science topic as the next stop on our journey around the human body takes us to the mouth as we spent time this week looking at the different types of teeth we have and the role they play in digestion. We have then followed a set of instructions which enabled us to have a go at building our own ‘tooth’ 

Year 4 Teeth 4Feb 2022
Elsewhere in the curriculum, in Geography, the children have been working on identifying map symbols that are found on OS maps based upon the North Norfolk area, linking to our residential trip later in the term. Their research for their multi-media e-book in History, which focuses on everyday life as an Anglo-Saxon, is now well underway too. 

Year 4 Maps Feb 2022

PE Lessons

Finally, next week will each class move to the second part of the PE rotation.  

Weeks 5, 7 & 8 

  • 4K = Invasion Games 
  • 4L = Swimming 
  • 4B = Gymnastics. 

Please see your child’s Google Classroom for further details on clothing.  

Games will continue to be rugby for the boys and netball for the girls. 


Forest SchoolNext week, 4H will be having their first Forest School session of the term. A reminder will be posted in the Google Classroom the day before. 

Pupils should wear School Games kit for the session. Pupils should arrive at school in their Games kit and remain in it for the rest of the day. We will remind your child to bring their Games kit home on a Thursday but would appreciate you giving them an extra reminder.  

We would recommend either short/skort and skins or tracksuit bottoms plus Games top and tracksuit top or hoody. 

Additional layers will undoubtedly be necessary during this current cold spell we are experiencing.  These do not have to be BPS kit but must be brought to school in a bag and only worn for the FS session. Gloves and a hat are essential! 

Don’t forget to send appropriate footwear (wellies, hiking boots, old trainers) and two pairs of socks can be useful to help with cold feet! 

Aylmerton Trip

Thank you to those of you who have returned the parental consent form and where needed, the medication form. If you have not yet, please could we request that these forms are completed and returned as soon as possible. We are still a few short. 

Also, please can we ask that you give permission for your child to attend the residential by using this Google Form Link 



We all enjoyed the surprise snow shower this morning – but no-one more than Addie as, having previously lived in Australia, it was the first time she had seen snow herself!  Here she is with her first snowball –  what a wonderful treat for a Friday morning!


Have a lovely weekend,  

The Year 4 Team

This Week in Year 5

This week, we are focusing on what Year 5 pupils have been learning in their English lessons:

Over the past week and a half,  some of the Year 5 pupils have been reading a short story by Tom Palmer entitled Them. The story was written to mark Holocaust Memorial Day and it is based on his prize-winning novel, After the War.

After the War is the story of a group of Holocaust survivors who came to the UK as refugees in 1945. Every scene in the novel is based on the testimony of the Holocaust survivors and those who were there to greet them.

Them is a story that Tom Palmer has written to tell the story of this group of Holocaust survivors but from the point of view of the children who lived in the Calgarth Estate in the Lake District.

Tom has written it to try to show how different people react when refugees – in this case, those who have just suffered a genocide – arrive in a place where other people already live.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed reading the short 5 chapter story and watching Tom’s videos to explain how and why he wrote the story. Each chapter has been accompanied by writing challenges, which the children have also completed. Now that we have finished the story and the short writing challenges, the pupils will be working on producing a piece of their own creative writing, which shows two different perspectives about refugees coming to live in this country. Pupils can choose how they would like to present the writing. It could take the form of a play, two poems, a debate, a story, whatever takes their fancy!

As we discussed their ideas in class today, there was great excitement about what creative route they would take. We are looking forward to receiving the finished versions!

The children’s work will be submitted to the National Literacy Trust as part of a competition and the very best will be published online. The thought of being published authors at the age of 9/10 has really ignited their motivation!

Mrs Wilkins


Year 5 English 4 Feb 2022

Looking ahead – dates for your diary:

Year 5 Parents meetings (online format) are scheduled for Thursday 24 February and Thursday 3 March.

Please look out for an email from Mr Bullock inviting you to make your bookings.

Year 5 Day trip to Warwick Castle: Thursday 24 March: 

We are excited to announce that we have booked a big day out for all Year 5 pupils at Warwick Castle to complement our learning in History. We will send details after half term but the day will certainly extend beyond the usual timings of the school day

The Year 5 Team

Message from Mrs Clarke, Director of Senior School Admissions

Thank you to the Year 5 parents who were able to attend our virtual launch of Planet Bofa on Monday on Zoom – it was lovely to see so many of parents and pupils (if only in a small window!).
All Year 5 pupils now have their login information for Planet Bofa, and I am in the process of putting together a short video guide for those parents who were unable to make the meeting.
Please do not hesitate to get in touch should you have any queries about Planet Bofa.
Mrs Clarke


From the PE Department


Next week all groups move onto their next PE rotation. Please check Google Classroom to see your next rotation.

If you are in Year 5 and doing Lacrosse with Miss Summerfield, please ensure you bring a mouth-guard to PE.


Under 8s vs Berkhamsted

The Beechwood Monkeys and Berko Amethysts were set! Berko got off to a flying start due to some quick decision making and passing the ball forward into space without hesitation. Beechwood were taken back by this, but showed great resilience and fought back. It was 4-2 to Berko at half time. In the last period the Beechwood girls showed great determination with a flurry of shots on target due to some dynamic leads forward. On the last whistle Berko scored! Unlucky Beechwood Monkeys, the result Beechwood Monkeys 4-5 Berkhamsted Amethysts. All had lots of fun, well done girls.

The Beechwood Horses were up against the Berkhamsted Mints! Both starting with great intensity and hunger to look after the ball. It was 0-0 at half time, with Beechwood under some pressure. Beechwood Horses “trotted” into some great spaces throughout the match, which is positive seeing this put into action after practice. Berko had a flurry of goals, and highlighted our defensive understanding. A come back goal by Bea, the result finished Beechwood Horses 1-4 Berkhamsted Mints. Well done girls, you worked really hard!

Beechwood Tigers vs Berko Golden Girls The Tigers and Golden Girls were very evenly matched and took it in turns throughout the game to take the lead. The Tigers tried hard to move into space but the Golden Girls didn’t make it easy for them, marking them closely. Special mention to Sophia for some fantastic interceptions and consistently finding a free space to move to. Well done to the whole team for a great team effort. The final score was 3-3, with the Tigers’ goals scored by Abigail (1) and Sophia (2).

Beechwood Dragons vs Berko Fantastic Flamingoes The two teams were very equal in ability, and although the scoreline doesn’t represent this (1-3 to Berkhamsted), we were unlucky in our shooting and the opposition scored two great goals. We did some fantastic stage one defending, really trying to pick an opposing player to mark, this lead to some great interceptions. We are working hard to move towards the ball for the pass, which is great to see. Well done Dragons.

Miss Mac.

From the Drama Department

Well done to everyone who took their LAMDA Exams!  There were some spectacular performances from Middle Department pupils – you can watch these by clicking on the links below:

The Twits, starring Evie, Elodie, Haotong, Bo, Aiden and Jacob (Year 3)

Danny, Champion of the World, starring Malin, Ffion, Florence, George, Jonas, Joe and Olivia (Year 4)

The Gypsy Caravan, starring Harry, Eleanor, and Clara (Year 5)


From the Library

Grandpa Frank’s Great Big Bucket List, by Jenny Pearson

Frank’s parents argue a lot. Usually about his Dad’s (also named Frank) get-rich-quick schemes which inevitably go wrong and mean they end up having to move house – again. When Frank inherits almost half a million pounds on the condition that he looks after his grandpa (also Frank too), it only causes more arguments. Mum and Dad think the money should be theirs, but Frank is determined to do his duty and makes a bucket list for Grandpa Frank. But is it wise to take an eighty-year-old up in a hot air balloon? And what about parkour, monster-trucking and swimming with dolphins?

With comic illustrations and humour through-out, this book will appeal to fans of David Walliams and David Baddiel.

Head’s Commendations

Year Group Nurture Engage Inspire
Year 3 - Olivia C, Mile H, Rex, Oliver W-G Haotong, Idris
Year 4 Ronan Charlotte D, Henry F, Theadora, Olivia S, Emma T William A, Yasmin, Serena, William S
Year 5 - - Alex R