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Sending Medication into School

All medication/homely remedies brought from home must be labelled with the following details:

  • the child’s name;
  • class/ form.

Parents should bring in the medication in its original packaging with the name of the medication and dosage information clearly legible.

All prescribed medication from home must be:

  • in its original packaging.
  • with the name of the child it was prescribed to.
  • the pharmacist’s details;
  • the name and required dose of the medication;
  • the date on which it was prescribed.

Where possible, the child’s parent/guardian should bring medication into school to explain the reason for the administration of the medication with the School Nurses. The School Nurses will record these details in the Medication File. The parent signs their consent for the administration of the medication at the beginning of the course. (In Woodlands Nursery, the parents complete and sign an Administering Medication Form.) If the child is brought to School by someone other than their parent, or arrives on the bus, the parent or guardian will send the medication with a covering letter detailing:

  • the reason for the medication;
  • child’s name and class/form;
  • the dose.

The parent/guardian must sign and date the letter. The parent/guardian should also contact surgery to inform the School Nurses that the medication is coming into School with the child so that the School Nurses can intercept it.

Sending Medication Home

If medication needs to go home at the end of the day, please ask your child to come and collect it at the end of their School day. For children in Woodlands and the Junior Department, a member of staff or the child’s parent should come to collect it for them.

Homely remedies

Please leave throat lozenges at home.

If you have any queries or questions about your child’s health, please don’t hesitate to contact the School Nurses via or on 01582 840333 (ext *144)