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House Music Competition

Wow, what a roaring success this competition has been! The Music Department were privileged to hear 216 performances from Year 3 to Top Form this year, and what performances they were. It was fantastic to see engagement from every year group in the Middle and Senior Department;

  • 52 performances in Year 3;
  • 46 performances in Year 4;
  • 45 performances in Year 5;
  • 31 performances in Year 6;
  • 21 performances in Year 7 and…
  • 13 performances in the Top Form
  • Not forgetting the 8 ensemble performances from pupils in Years 4 to Top Form!

It was very tough for the Music teachers to decide who would perform in the Final for each category. Luckily, all of the initial performances were filmed as Mrs Lodge, Mrs Jarvis and Miss Bailey had to watch the performances multiple times before they were able to come to a unanimous decision. Well done to the following pupils, who didn’t quite make the Final, but who have received a special ‘Highly Commended’ certificate:

  • Year 3: Henry H (cello), Magnus W  (guitar), Elodie N (recorder), Idris C  (drums) and Simran G (piano)
  • Year 4: Yiqian G (violin), Kasper LB (cello), Clara S (piano), Angus C (guitar), Sophie C (violin), Eleanor I (violin), Joe P (drums)
  • Year 5: Elliot M (violin), Baxter (drums), Rory B (ensemble), James L (electric guitar), Jonah H (singing), Lochan K (bassoon and ensemble)
  • Year 6: Barnaby B (cello), Ezra D (saxophone), Isaac G (drums), Felix R (guitar)
  • Year 7: Serena B (piano), Sevi P (ensemble), Finlay W (ensemble)
  • Top Form: Louis S (flute and piano)

On Friday evening, pupils, parents and staff, as well as our highly-esteemed adjudicator Mr Andy Grappy, gathered in the Great Hall for a musical delight. The weather outside might have been grey and drizzly but inside the Hall we had fiery storms conjured by Jasmine E, glorious sunshine captured by Easher S and soothing, calming waters created by Yiqian.

I was overwhelmed by the talent on display at my first Beechwood Inter-House Music Competition. Children I am used to coaching on the Netball pitch, teaching in the classroom or chatting to over lunch transformed into professional musicians. Every one of our finalists, performed with poise, presence and the typical Beechwood confidence. It really was a magical evening.

Congratulations to all those who performed:

  • Brass: Jamie M, Alex A-D, Reuben W;
  • Strings: Findlay P, Alex R, Jonas S, Jasmine E, Adam C;
  • Percussion: Will P, Elliot H, Freddie B, Sevi P;
  • Woodwind: Sebastian T, Yasmin LB; Olivia W;
  • Singing: Lochan K, Easher S;
  • Piano: Olivia C, Jane C, Elliot M, Yiqian G;
  • Ensembles: Harriet P, Joe P, Will F & Olivia F; Daniel B & Jamie D; Ava B, Olivia D, Ezra D, Zach J, Oliver S & Olivia W.

Mr Andy Grappy then had the unenviable job of choosing our winners. In fact, Mr Harrington was needed for an encore of his beautiful piano playing just to give Mr Grappy some more time as he grappled over his decisions. After much deliberation and praise for all of our performers, he announced the following winners:

  • Brass:  Alex A-D;
  • Strings:  Adam C;
  • Percussion:  Freddie B;
  • Woodwind:  Olivia W;
  • Singing: Lochan K;
  • Piano:  Yiqian G;
  • Ensembles:  Daniel B and Jamie D.

The culmination of the evening was naming the Overall Middle and Senior Departments’ Beechwood Musicians of the Year. Special congratulations go to Jasmine E and Adam C who were this year’s worthy winners.

Congratulations again to everyone who took part in the competition, it is a scary thing to stand up and perform in front of your peers, so everyone who took part should be very proud of themself. The quality of the performances paid testament to how fabulous our Music teachers are, we are privileged at Beechwood to have such experienced and talented musicians teaching our pupils. A huge thank you to all of the Music Department for organising the competition and all they do on a daily basis.

I’m already looking forward to our next Musical event, but until then, I shall put on the recording of the Final and try not to get too distracted as I get back to my work.

Miss Mac

We are working on the final edits of the recording of the Finalists’ Concert, and will share this with you next week