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Woodlands News 5 May 2023

I hope you are feeling as though you have settled back into the Summer Term or that you are starting to settle in, if you are the families of our super new pupils; Elise, Isla, Ivy, Liliana, Maisie, Rory and Sebastian? The team are certainly enjoying working with and caring for your children who give us 100% every day.

The 2022/23 cohort of Woodlanders have grown so much in confidence and knowledge, and we just marvel at their questions and their drive to learn and increase their skills.

Last Thursday, we had a special focus day to learn about the festival of Eid. We read a story about a young girl preparing for and celebrating Eid with her family. We cooked crescent moon and star biscuits and made colourful streamers to hang around the classrooms. In the afternoon, we enjoyed a mini feast to taste treats from around the world that might be eaten during Eid. Our day ended with visits from Tamara’s daddy and Zimal’s mummy who shared photos and stories with us about their own Eid celebrations. What a busy, creative, colourful day we all had.

This week our learning has moved to focusing on the King’s Coronation ready for everything the children will see and hear happening around them. We have been creating and making lots of crafts and items in preparation for this special event. We have made party hats, flags to wave and bunting to display. In Woodlands we have been talking about members of the Royal Family and recognising familiar members – we have even painted some wonderful portraits of the King wearing his crown.

We are sure that Friday, (which will have arrived by the time you read this), when we will be dressing up in our red, white and blue attire and holding our very own Royal Tea Party, will be a memorable occasion in the children’s lives even though they just think they are having fun at Woodlands!

Here are some photos from our week…

Woodlands Nursery 5 May 2023

Wishing you all a wonderful long weekend and we look forward to seeing all the children again next week.

Shirley Hayman

Head of Woodlands

From the Junior Librarians

There’s No Such Thing As Dragons, by Lucy Rowland 

Lucy Rowland’s latest release is a fun, engaging read.

When a little boy is told dragons don’t exist, he takes it upon himself to find proof that they do – heading off on an adventure through tall mountains and dark woods. Amusingly Katy Halford has hidden dragons on every page of this rhyming book, giving readers the chance to help him on his quest.

With sparkly cover and bright illustrations, this is likely to become a regular read.