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This week in Reception

Reception have really enjoyed learning about Kindness this week in their Circle Time Sessions. We have shown our support for anti-bullying by wearing odd socks and we have been extra kind and caring with our friends in the playground.

Lovely Miss Prestedge is leaving us to go on maternity leave and have a baby. We will miss her very much but wish her all the best and are really looking forward to hearing her exciting baby news soon!

This week in Year 1

This week we have been busily preparing for our Christmas show! We went across to the Performance Hall and practised projecting our voices and moving around the space. In our Music and Dance lessons, we have been working hard to learn the songs and dances for our show too. Here is a sneak peek of us in action!

In the classroom, we continue to learn about all things dinosaur! This week we have been practising our fine motor skills, using scissors to carefully cut around dinosaur silhouettes. We then created a colourful background for our dinosaurs to explore, choosing and joining collage materials together.

As it is Anti-Bullying Week, we have also been thinking about ways to be kind. We filled our helping hands with ideas of ways we could show kindness to others. Some of our ideas were: ‘Smile’, ‘Give someone a hug’, ‘Let someone go first’, ‘Compliment them’. We then decorated them to show just how beautiful it is to be kind and how we all show kindness in different ways.

This week in Year 2

In PSHE,  Year 2 thought about why we were wearing odd socks this week. We knew that they showed our uniqueness and how we are all different but we delved a little deeper and discussed bullying.  In groups, we talked about different scenarios and thought about how we could stop bullying if we saw it. We certainly learned that one kind word can make all the difference.

Odd Socks and Kindness


Kindness Hands 2CW

We are extremely proud of year 2 who stepped up to Keeley our catering manager’s ‘Healthy Eating Tree’ challenges and as you can see from the photo our tree is positively blooming with our leaves of success. In the past two weeks we have tried new foods and eaten a rainbow, whilst this week we are focusing on staying hydrated.

Year 2 also like to keep their bodies healthy, especially during their whole year sports lesson each week. This week the Sports Hall group focused on dribbling skills whilst the group on the Astro practised their dodging skills playing foxes and farmers. I think we can clearly see which children were the teasing foxes!
Year 2 Healthy Eating Tree Challenges, November 2021

Head’s Commendations

Congratulations to this week’s recipients of Head’s Commendations:

Nurture: Year 1 – Scarlett T

Engage: Year 1 – Ishaan G, Harry O, Flynn S-L; Year 2 Dougie V-T, Lila N, Anaye K, Paige W


Book Review from the Library – Everything Under the Sun by Molly Oldfield

Everything Under the Sun is a collection of 366 curious questions coming directly from children. Originating from the award-winning blog with the same name, it presents the questions that QI quiz show writer Molly Oldfield has been asked in an engaging and inspiring manner. As the name suggests, the book covers everything from science to nature, from dinosaurs to space. Cleverly devised with a question for every day of the year, this book is perfect for regular reading and learning.