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This week in Reception

The children were bursting with excitement as they arrived at school on Tuesday morning, all ready to set off on our trip to Woburn Safari Park. For many of them, it was their first ever time on a coach!
When we arrived at the park, we set off on the road safari. There were so many animals to see, including giraffes, monkeys, rhinos, lions, elephants and zebras.
We then sat and had a lovely, sunny, picnic lunch before heading to the classroom. We enjoyed a talk on camouflage and got to touch different animal skins. The session finished off with a ‘spot the camouflaged animal’ game.
We then had some free time to walk around and see some of the other animals.
We finished the day watching the elephants whilst having a drink and a biscuit before heading on our journey home.
Everyone had a wonderful day and the teachers were all very impressed by the children’s fantastic behaviour!

Reception Trip to Woburn Safari Park May 2022

Have a lovely weekend,

The Reception Team

This week in Year 1

Year 1 really enjoy learning about different religions in TPR lessons. This half term we have been learning about Buddhism. We were lucky to have a visit from Mr Wood, head of TPR, who showed us some traditional Buddhist singing bowls and allowed us to try them out. You use the beater to hit the edge of the bowl and then circle the beater around the edge to allow the sound to grow and develop. Buddhists use these to help them focus on the moment and meditate. We practiced concentrating on the sound and emptying our mind of other thoughts. Here are some photos!

Yr 1 TPR (wk comm 16 May)

Year 1 have also been learning about country music this year. Each class took on the challenge of learning a country song and putting a performance together ready to battle against the other classes! In their year group lesson, they got to enjoy each other’s performances in a fun and exciting little concert. Then, we celebrated the performances with certificates and class rewards! We have a lovely video that you can watch here

Year 1 Battle of the Classes May 2022

Most theatrical: 1J – For remembering all of the actions and keeping a big smile on their faces!

Most courageous: 1W – For being brave and singing in small groups in front of lots of teachers and friends.

Best teamwork: 1J – For joining in and helping each other to remember all the words and actions.

Most joyful: 1R – For putting a huge smile on everybody’s face with their beautiful singing and enthusiastic jumping!

Have a lovely weekend!

The Year One Team

This week in Year 2

Please find photos of Year 2 painting their rockets this is their topic this term and they are thoroughly enjoying it. Stay tuned for the finished product!

Yr 2 Rocket Paining (wk comm 16th May)

2B had the opportunity to visit Year 4 and Mr Kneller where his class showed them what they had been learning about space. Year 2 were very excited to share their knowledge also.

Yr 2 presenting their space findings to year 4 (wk comm 16th May)

The children have been busy with their writing about the Apollo 11 moon landing today. The children enjoyed creating their very own moon bases using a range of different equipment and materials. Some bases were particularly luxurious, including cinemas, hotels and even a fully equipped gym for astronauts to combat the effects of the lack of gravity on their muscles.  Photos of the session can be viewed here…

Yr 2 Apollo 11 moon landing creative writing (wk comm 16 May)

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year Two Team

From the Junior Library

The Greatest Show on Earth by Mini Grey

The Greatest Show on Earth is a subtle introduction to the history of Earth; from the birth of Earth, to the age of bacteria, the era of dinosaurs through to the moment of people (blink and you’ll miss it).

Presented as an insect stage show, reminiscent of the circus in the movie A Bug’s Life, each and every page is packed with information. Running along the bottom throughout is a giant tape-measure time-line that is managed by ants and depicts 1 million years for each 1 cm.

This is the first non-fiction book by Kate Greenaway Medal winner Mini Grey, and she tackles the subject with wit, humour and heart. 



Mrs Ford and Mrs Lott

Teacher’s book of the week

This week it is the turn of Mrs Evers who has  chosen the book ‘Elmer’. Enjoy reading about all the cool tricks this cheeky elephant plays on other elephants.


Head’s Commendations

Congratulations to this weeks recipients of Mr Balfour’s commendations:

Nurture Engage Inspire
Reception - - Sebastian, Advay, Elsie, Annabelle
Year 1 Ari Luke Ted
Year 2 - Alexander Fraser, Joshua, Alexander Folland -