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Middle Department News

This week in Year 3

What an exciting term we have been having! It really feels like we are finally getting back to the normal routines and excitement of Year 3 at Beechwood. It is such a relief to everyone! We would like to take this opportunity to welcome a new addition to Year 3: Mariia, who has recently arrived from Ukraine. The Year 3 children have given her a wonderful Beechwood welcome, as have our fantastic parents who have taken the family under their wings and supported and welcomed them with open arms. Our enormous thanks for your wonderful warmth and generosity. 

Wellyboot Camp 2022 

It took three long years, but we finally got to camp once more! The Year 3s were so excited and we were very conscious of the impact of the confinement of recent years. The children were amazing and really grew in independence and resilience. They should feel very proud of themselves!  

Here are some of the comments from our happy campers:  

“At Wellyboot Camp, the 19th and 20th May I did lots of different activities like archery and the survival game and I actually did really well. The next morning, I ate a mealworm. Hugo.  

“I loved putting up the tents. We had to put the silver pegs in the little holes and we finally got them done but they fell out, sadly, so we put them in again and luckily, they didn’t come out again” Isabella.  

“I loved the Escape Rooms because they were very hard to work out. The survival game was fun because the teachers were squirting us with water pistols and I got splatted in the face! But my favourite thing was setting up the tents because it was fun putting up the tent pegs” Joe. 

“The talent show was lots of fun because most of the talents made me laugh. Roasting brioches was fun and delicious. Eating S’mores was one of my favourite things” Stella. 

“I liked the Roman Escape Room because we had to solve clues to earn money to escape, so you didn’t have to clean the toilets for the rest of your life!” Miles. 

“We did a lot of archery, but to be honest, I was TERRIBLE because my highest score was an eight or seven. Apart from that I was quite good! At the end we had the Bush Tucker Trial challenge to eat a mealworm or a cricket or a leafcutter ant. I had a mealworm” Olivia.

“I enjoyed lighting the fires with cotton wool. It was really fun and I liked learning about the 3 things you need for fire. It was really fun making the sparks but quite hard to light it” Madeleine.

“My favourite thing was the dodgeball archery, because you had to dodge, shoot and reload all at the same time. It was really fun, and a bit frustrating in a good way, though! Amelia.  

Watch our highlights video here 

Novae tabernae mox in Verulamio!  

As part of our Romans topic in History, the Year 3 pupils have been learning about the foods that the Romans brought with them when they settled in Britannica. With the support of Mr Hinton’s excellent knowledge of Latin, the pupils imagined that they were opening their very own restaurant in Roman Verulamium, using the new and exciting ingredients brought by the Romans. They created their own menus, with ingredients such as agnus, anguilla, mel and panis. A veritable feast!  




Sports report by Findlay Parkhill:

‘Today in Mr Dixon’s team we had a good win in cricket over Edge Grove.  We batted first and hit some good fours but no sixes.  Our fielding was good and stopped Edge Grove scoring runs.  To improve for our next match, we could concentrate on watching the ball more so we can hit more sixes.  We could also practise at bowling and catching the ball.’

Match Report BWP vs Edge Grove

This was a thrilling match in our 3rd term in Year 3, which took place at Beechwood Park. In the 1st half, Edge Grove was batting and Beechwood was fielding. Some of the best bowls were thrown by Mariia and some of the best bats were done by Tommy. No one got out in the first half but there were a lot of wide balls from Beechwood, which led to Edge Grove hitting off the tees and getting a couple of extra runs. Then we switched and Beechwood were batting and again no one was out and fortunately no stumps were hit. But, Beechwood didn’t quite get away as many runs as they needed and Edge Grove took the win.

‘Toot-Flute’ Club

On Tuesday 14th and 21st June anyone in year 3 is invited to come along to the music department at 1040 to join the ever growing ‘Toot-Flute’ Club and have a go. It’s great fun and very easy to pick up a tune in just 20 minutes. The Toot-Flute is a mini flute and they come in a range of different and bright colours so attractive. For anyone interested here is a link to find out more.

Year 3 Xylomagic Group

Our Xylomagic group have been having a brilliant time exploring the different xylophones we have in school. Here is Ellie, Simran and Sienna from Year 3 playing a piece that they improvised with the piano. It really is magic!

Year 3 Assembly

The whole of Year 3 performed beautifully in an assembly to the Middle Department as well as the Year 2 children. 3O’s section of the assembly described how much fun we had during Wellyboot Camp; 3I displayed their excellent knowledge of animal adaptation, which was part of our Science topic this term; 3M used their History topic of the Romans to show some of the learning and the work that they have been doing this term. The children spoke with confidence and enjoyment and did a fantastic job!

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 3 Team

This week in Year 4

This was the week Year 4 had been waiting for. Today saw the children transform themselves into vicious Vikings, with Viking names such as Hogni Hot Nose, Grundi Bloodaxe, Groa and Solvieg, as they gave a big Beechwood welcome to the fearsome but friendly Viking, Thorulf Hammrsson. 

The children were treated to a very entertaining day long history lesson where they learnt about everyday life as a Viking, played a Viking board game, and learnt how Vikings traded, before  finishing the day off with the all important weapons display and battle. 

Year 4 Viking Day June 2022
Fun with Electrical Circuits! 

As part of our science topic, ‘Materials and their Properties’, we spent time exploring electrical circuits before we move onto to carrying out an investigation on electrical conductors and insulators. 

Year 4 wk comm 6 June Electrical Circuits

There has been a reported case of Nits in Year 4. Please refer to this fact sheet for more information.

The Year 4 Team

This Week in Year 5

What a busy week for Year 5!  Well done to ALL our pupils who threw themselves into the Year 5 and 6 production of the Button Box this week.  What a wonderful performance- the children should all be incredibly proud of their achievements, and we hope that parents all enjoyed (or for those yet to see it – enjoy!) the show as much as we did! Here are just a few photos…

The Button Box June 2022

Of course, next week is the much anticipated trip to Aylmerton – we hope that you will all be ready for the off on Monday morning.  It is going to be a fun-filled, action-packed week for us all so we hope the children all have a good night’s sleep on Sunday!  We cannot wait!

Wishing you all a happy, sunny weekend.

The Year 5 Team



From the Middle Department Library

Pizazz is a 9 ½ year old superhero. Everyone in her family is a superhero, including her Gran and her annoying little sister. Their powers range from shooting lasers to making fireballs – or in Pizazz’s case – firing glitter storms. In this the fourth book of the series, Pizazz comes up against the evil CopyCat and her SuperPower Duplicator™ who creates five demon versions of Pizazz herself; including Lazy Pizazz and Worried Pizazz.  Illustrated throughout in Henn’s talented comic strip style, Pizazz must seek help from her friends with no super-powers at all if she’s any hope of winning. Perfect for fans of Dogman and Tom Gates who are looking for the next step in their reading.











Ms Messent and Mrs Lott

Head’s Commendations

Congratulations to this week’s recipients of Mr Balfour’s Commendations:

Nurture Engage Inspire
Year 3 - Belle P, Simran G, Sienna C, Pippa K, Alex L -
Year 4 Jovan S Tommy S, Frank H, Aria D, Josie D, Lucy T, Emilia B, Charlie W, Sofia G S, Aria D -
Year 5 George F, Elliott F, Joe K, Evie H, Archie L - Lucie B, Joe K, Henry B, Alex R