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Middle Department News

This week in Year 3

After a week of illness, the Year 3 team are all now in School and loving being back in the classrooms with the children. The Year 3s were so wonderfully supported in our absence, due to the excellent coordination skills of Mrs Greenwood and the dream team of Mrs Savage, Mrs Brown and Miss Stredwick as well as a host of others. We would like to thank everyone who ensured that the Year 3s continued to learn and thrive without their regular teachers.

Pi Day

Monday 14 March was Pi Day around the world and Beechwood was no exception. Year 3 spent time understanding what Pi represented and proving it for themselves by measuring anything circular that didn’t move! We then created our own Pi City Skyscapes using the digits of Pi. Many of the children had a go at reciting the digits of Pi, with Olivia C managing an amazing 100 digits – a spectacular feat for a Year 3 pupil – you can watch the recording of her feat here.

Year 3 Pi Day March 2022


Support for Ukraine

On Wednesday, the whole School showed their support for the people of Ukraine by wearing the yellow and blue of the Ukrainian flag. The colours in the classroom and in the corridors around the School were a wonderful symbol of solidarity and the money collected demonstrated the generosity of our School community. 3O were taught a little Ukrainian by Alex, and in turn were able to teach Mr Balfour and Mrs Greenwood how to say ‘Good Morning’ in Ukrainian

St Patrick’s Day

The Year 3s also had the opportunity to celebrate St Patrick’s Day on Thursday.

They worked out their Leprechaun name, based on their own name and their birth month, which was lots of fun. We learnt about the life of St Patrick then used our knowledge of grammar and punctuation to solve a ‘The Mystery of the Missing Shamrock’ and uncover the culprit!

We also had a celebrity appearance in Year 3 from none other than Tiny the Tortoise from White Rose Maths! The children were all very excited about Tiny and each class will have the chance for Tiny to spend time with them, helping them when their encounter tricky maths problems. Tiny was even given his own Leprechaun name: Timid O’Lucky, which really suited him! 


Forest School

It was 3O’s turn to make fairy ladders (or perhaps they were Leprechaun ladders?). They learnt how to make knots and improve their dexterity.  A glorious morning!

Have a look at our photos below:  

3O Forest School 18 Mar 2022

Please note: there will be no Forest School next week, but we will be resuming our adventures next term.

House Matches

Next week, we have an exciting afternoon of House Matches on Thursday 24 March, from 1500 until about 1620. We would love to see as many parents as possible watch the House Matches. You may collect your children after match tea. Almost all after School Activities are still running, although Cross Country and Fitness on 24 is cancelled (due to trips).  

Please send the children in to School in their games kits. They do not need their uniforms.  

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 3 Team

This week in Year 4

It’s hard to believe that we are now approaching the end of the Lent Term. Where has the time gone?! The children have come such a long way since entering Year 4 and it has been a real pleasure to watch them all grow and mature into independent learners. 

As usual, it has been another full on week in Year 4 as we began our final unit of work in English based upon the book, ‘How To Train Your Dragon’.

The children began reading the book last term as their class reade





In Science, we are beginning our new topic ‘Sun, Earth & Moon’ and we have started trying hard to get our heads around the concept of space in general!



To celebrate International Pi Day, which took place on Monday, children throughout the school took part in a number of different ‘Pi’ related activities in their maths lessons today.  

In Year 4, some of the children created got creative and used the numbers of Pi to create a city skyline picture – see our photos below:


Year 4 Pi Day March 2022

Forest School with 4B

 This week it was 4Bs turn in Forest School – it certainly looks like they had lots of fun!
4B Forest School 18 March 2022

Aylmerton Update

We are now into the final stretch of our Aylmerton countdown and all our plans are going smoothly. You should have received an email yesterday outlining all the final details for our Aylmerton trip next week. In case you did not receive it, there is a copy in your child’s Google Classroom. 

Please can we ask that the children arrive no later than 0820 on Tuesday morning. They will need to go directly to the Great Hall with their luggage where they will be met by all the staff who are going on the trip.

Just a few reminders. The children will not need to wear school uniform on the day we leave. Also, please can we request that you do not place any special ‘sweet’ treats in your child’s bag. The children will be receiving plenty of them when they are at the field centre. If you need to hand in any last-minute medication, please see Mrs Greenwood on the day we leave. 

Having spoken to a lot of the children, it would seem that many are packed already—great organisational skills Year 4! Please can I remind you that it is important that, if possible, the bag the children bring is squash-able and that they can carry it. The weather forecast is looking to be kind to us, however it is still essential that all the children bring warm, waterproof clothing and footwear. 

If you have any last-minute queries please do feel free to ask Mr Kneller. All of the information that has been sent out, including a copy of the final details email that was sent out yesterday, can be found in your child’s Google Classroom. 


Finally, we cannot believe that another term is coming to an end. All the children have worked so hard and will probably need a very good rest after next week’s residential trip. However, if they should find themselves at a loose end, they could practise times tables and corresponding division facts by using Times Tables Rock Star Maths or practise writing perfectly punctuated sentences with speech marks being a good area to review.   

Don’t forget, if your child does anything ‘Wow!’ over the Easter holidays, please do let us know and we can add it to our ‘WOW’ Wall. They can also bring it in and add it to their Beechwood Park Achievement Award book which we will be continuing with next term. 

Otherwise, please make sure your child gets plenty of rest this weekend as they are in for a very busy and exciting week!  


Have a lovely weekend!

The Year 4 Team

This Week in Year 5

This week in Year 5 has been punctuated by some exciting extra opportunities to learn and explore. Monday saw the launch of SCIENCE WEEK as well as our annual celebration of PI day and we started with a suitably scientific assembly challenge. Ms Begley asked all of the Year 5 classes to collect some data on the height of bounce of two squash balls, one which had been sitting in hot water and the other in ice cold water and to record our data on a central results table. The key to success was to remember that we REPEAT READINGS FOR RELIABILITY and it was an excellent opportunity to collect many readings as a whole year group. PI Day continued with plenty of PI and circular challenges in Maths lessons, PI quiz questions for break times and some pies – both savoury and sweet – for lunch!

All pupils enjoyed a special Science Week lesson based on biology and classification. They had the opportunity to handle the ‘Beechwood Blue’ chicks and Mike the tortoise as well as study (without touching!) some giant snails, some fish,  Harriet the tarantula and some locusts and describe differences between arachnids and insects. Classroom activities included a mini investigation into bird beak adaptations and some playdoh vertebrates and invertebrates. Many thanks to Ms Begley and her Science team for giving us such a stimulating lesson to celebrate science.

Year 5 Science Week March 2022

This week, in English, 5A wrote some lovely poems about George and the dragon. Charlotte F and Uju have written their unique interpretation of the dragon. Jasmine and Jane have used interesting words and rhyming to explain the story of George and the dragon. I hope you enjoy it. Keep the good work up girls!




On Wednesday we were invited to wear something blue and yellow to stand for peace and to show our support and care for the people of Ukraine. Thank you to all Year 5 families who took this opportunity to donate.


Just in case all of this did not keep us busy enough, the red noses are tucked into lockers and school bags ready for our Red Nose Day celebrations on Friday. Phew!



We wish you a restful and healthy weekend,

The Year 5 Tutor Team

Girls’ Rugby

A team of Year 5 Girls travelled to York House on Wednesday for a Rugby coaching session and then played some touch rugby.  The weather was atrocious but the girls gave it their all and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Ms Begley

From the Middle Department Library

Awesomely Austin by Jane Austin (Retold: various authors)

The Awesomely Austin series is a fresh, funny and accessible retelling of Jane Austen’s classic stories.

Paired with witty black and white illustrations throughout, these simple chapter books are a great addition to any home library.

The books manage to balance some of Jane Austin’s more important language with modern adaptation, bringing some of the most inspiring and famous heroines in English literature to a younger audience.

Middle Department Art

There has been some fantastic work going on in the Art Room this week – have a look at the gallery below for some imaginative drawings by Laila (Year 3), an incredible mushroom drawing by Haotong (Year 3), some meticulously detailed work from Charlotte (Year 4) and Jasmine (Year 5) and some lovely ‘journaling’ by Year 5.

Middle Department Art 18 Mar 2022

House Matches

Please note the following dates for Lent Term House Matches.

Year Group Date Time
Year 3 Thursday 24 March 1500-1620. Please send the children in to School in their games kits. They do not need their uniforms.
Year 4 Monday 21 March 1320-1440. Please send the children in to School in their games kits. They do not need their uniforms.
Year 5 Wednesday 30 March From 1430; timings for Year 5,6,7 and Top to follow

Private Peaceful

Now that cast parents have had to opportunity to reserve tickets for this year’s Beechwood production of Private Peaceful, we would like to offer all parents the opportunity to reserve up to two tickets for one performance on either Thursday 24 or Friday 25 March.

There is no charge for tickets, but there will be charity collection buckets available at each performance, we will divide the proceeds equally between the Drama Department and this year’s School charity ‘Herts Welcomes Refugees’.

All pupils from Years 5 will watch a performance of the show on Monday 21 March. We feel that this production is a little too grown-up for the younger pupils. You may, therefore, wish to invite other family members along.

Tickets can be booked here

If you have any queries related to ticketing, please contact Gail Gamble via email

There will be a drinks reception in the courtyard, by the swimming pool, from 1800. Please enter via the South Courtyard Gates. Doors open at 1835.

Mrs Hegarty,
Director of Dance and Drama

ATOM Learning

Following on from the success of the Senior Schools Information Evening Zooms, lots of parents have asked me how they can start preparing children for entrance exams early. We provide pupils with a Planet Bofa account from Year 5 and we start to use ATOM Prime in School too.

If you are keen for your child to start some fun, online activities to help them with their English, Maths and reasoning skills,  I would recommend that you subscribe to ATOM Nucleus. Here is a message from ATOM :

Parents can opt to trial Atom Nucleus, the at-home platform, with their children in the same way that they might buy a revision guide.

Atom has kindly provided Beechwood Park with a discount code for Atom Nucleus. If you decide to begin a free trial…enter BEECHWOODPARK20 when you sign up and you’ll receive 20% off your first payment. 

Atom Nucleus will allow your child to access:

  • Personalised learning journeys across English, maths, science, verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning. The learning journeys include tens of thousands of individually designed questions, as well as videos, helpsheets and explanations to accompany every question.
  • Unlimited mock tests: use Atom’s mocks to support familiarisation. Atom’s tests are designed to mirror key senior school entry assessments including the ISEB Common Pre-Tests, CEM and GL 11+ exams.
  • Custom practices: use Atom’s data to identify areas for improvement and set custom practices in those areas.
  • Live and on-demand lessons: lessons are hosted by experienced teachers in tricky topics across many exam types. 

Please also see the timetable for Atom’s Easter break live lessons, which are free for all students regardless of whether you decide to purchase Nucleus! 

If you have any questions on how to get the most out of Atom Nucleus, email and ask to be invited to one of their regular Parent Webinars. 

Head’s Commendations

Well done to the recipients of this week’s Head’s Commendations from Mr Balfour:

Nurture Engage Inspire
Year 3 William H-P, Sienna L, - Benji H, Farran H, Clara L
Year 4 - Addison L, Jonas S, Sam C Sam B, Mila F-H, Alfred M, Tommy S, Sophie C, Eleanor I, Chloe L-B, Ffion M-P, Joshua R, Evie C, Harry L
Year 5 - James B James G