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Middle Department News

This week in Year 3

Science: 3O have started their new Science topic on Forces and Magnets. We discussed the question ‘What is a force?’ ‘How do things speed up and slow down?’ and ‘What are some different types of forces?’

We investigated how some forces slow objects down and had lots of fun making our own mini helicopters and watching them spin to the ground. We discussed why this happened, using our scientific vocabulary.


We are extremely excited to be able to get into the swing of Christmas, with our annual Christingle service. This year, it is restricted to the Year 3 children, but we would be very grateful for any support that parents can provide.

We will, once again, have a Middle Department Christmas tree, which will need decorating! We would like to invite any child in the Middle Department, to help us dress the tree; they may bring in a bauble, suitable for outside use, for a minimum donation of £2 to the charity The Children’s Society. The tree is due to arrive on Monday, so please do start to bring in your baubles and you can click here to make your donation.

Year 3 Book Club

This Wednesday saw the launch of the weekly Year 3 Book Club, which has had an amazing uptake with sessions booked all the way through to the end of the summer term. Each week will see the introduction of new authors and the opportunity for Pupils to share their own current favourites. This week’s focus was Toto the Ninja Cat, and her fearless escapades to keep the animal world safe. She was such a hit that all the copies of her books have flown off Beechwood’s shelves! Mrs Lott



Egyptian Day

Our long-awaited Egyptian Day was a great success on Friday. We were amazed by the array of Egyptian themed outfits. We will have a full report in next week’s newsletter.

Christmas Cracker – Year 3 & Year 4

As we continue preparations for our forthcoming Christmas Cracker performances. With rehearsals going well, Mrs Hegarty has now turned her attention to costumes. Much of what will be needed will be provided for by the school but in addition to this, please could we ask that your child also has the following for the performances:

Year 3

3O – Christmas jumper + any colour joggers / leggings + Santa hat & / beard (Mrs Jarvis has lots of beards!!)

3M – Christmas jumper + any colour joggers / leggings

3I – Christmas jumper + any colour joggers / leggings + reindeer antlers / festive hat / festive headwear

Year 4

4L – Christmas jumpers + brightly coloured joggers / leggings.

4K – Comedy Snowmen – light grey joggers + white t-shirts.

Jugglers – Christmas jumpers + brightly coloured joggers / legging.

4B – Joseph & Neddy – Christmas jumpers + brightly coloured joggers / leggings.

Crew of Stable Animals – Animal onesies (please ask your child what animal they have selected) + plain joggers/top.

Also, please can we ask that you encourage your child to learn the words to the songs that they will be singing in the performance and, if they have any lines to learn, please could you help them practise these at home. A copy of the songs will be in your child’s Google Classroom.

For footwear, could all Y3 & Y4 children please wear brightly coloured/Christmas socks and their indoor trainers that they would use in PE.

If you have any questions about costumes, please feel free to email Mrs Hegarty at

This week in Year 4

Another busy week in Year 4 as we continue preparations for our forthcoming Christmas Cracker performances. 

Our Science topic this term has certainly captured the interest of the children, from Mrs N.E.R.G to learning about the organs of the body to bones and skeletons. Still to come – we will take a closer look at the heart and how blood travels around the body as well as delving deep into the human digestive system!








In History, we are now well underway with our topic ‘Anglo-Saxon Britain’ 

and the children have been enjoying learning about the 7 Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms; they were surprised to find that many of the place names of current villages and towns in the local area, such as Berkhamstead, Harpenden and Luton, originated from Anglo-Saxon times.



In PE next week, we move on to the final part of this term’s rota. 4B will need their indoor PE kits for ‘Developing Ball Skills’ unit of work, 4L will be swimming so will need their swimming kits in school and 4K will need their PE kits with tracksuit bottoms/tops as they will be outdoors for their ‘Fundamentals of Sport’ unit of work. All the details are posted in the Google Classrooms.

Cross Country Run in Games yesterday!

Year 4 Cross Country

Finally, next Friday 26th November, all of Year 4 will be having their next Forest School sessions. On this day, please can we ask that your child comes into school wearing their outdoor clothing with trainers and then have their waterproofs and forest school footwear in a named bag. They do not need to wear or bring in their school uniform.

Reminders : 

  • Year 4 need to bring in a bright top colourful (ideally Christmassy) to wear next Wednesday 24th November as Mrs Jarvis will be filming the pupils for their production. It can be short or long-sleeved. (Doesn’t need to be a full outfit) plus any Santa hats or tinsel that they might want to wear!
  • As it is getting colder and wetter outside, please make sure that your child is equipped with a waterproof coat and a named school hat, scarf and gloves when appropriate.
  • Likewise, for Games, we ask now that the children have appropriate clothing that will keep them warm when out on the playing fields which can be chilly and windy!

This week in Year 5

This week in Year 5, our attention has been firmly fixed on the Battle of Hastings. The pupils have followed the fortunes of the Saxon and Norman soldiers with fascination as they have learned how events unfolded on 14th October 1066. Many have expressed surprise at how strongly the outnumbered Saxon Army managed to hold out against William’s well-prepared and rested soldiers. Debate has, of course, raged around the classrooms over whether Harold was killed by the arrow or the sword, or perhaps both. Whatever we believe to be the most accurate version of events, it is extraordinary to think that this was the last time that a foreign power successfully invaded and captured English land. The pupils had fun posing for some not terribly realistic poses of the end of the battle – well, why not?
Year 5 Battle of Hastings

Although our History lessons may have been full of battles and conflict, our pastoral focus has very much been about tolerance, friendship and kindness as we have embraced National Anti-Bullying Week’s message of One Kind Word. We have hugely enjoyed the outstanding repertoire of odd socks appearing in the classrooms every day this week. They have served as a very visible reminder to us all that diversity and individuality are to be celebrated!


Year 5 Science – the Force of Air

Year 5 housekeeping message:

Wednesdays are running much more smoothly and efficiently now that pupils arrive in school in their games kit. Thank you to all parents for your help in organising this. Please do not send in kit bags on Wednesdays; pupil should bring in shin pads / mouthguards / water bottles or other necessary sports equipment in their school bag and leave those heavy games bags at home!

Sport News

U10s Match Report

We walked away from our final outdoor matches of the season with one 1st place and three seconds. These are some of the things that we have learnt throughout the season:

Florence: I have got better at getting in the D and taking a shot any chance I can;
Kaede: I have got much better at opening up play by switching the ball across the pitch;
Chloe: I have learnt that in defence being in a diagonal line with my partner is crucial;
Evie R: I have got better at creating space by accelerating;
Olivia: I can now hold my stick in a better position which makes me much stronger when tackling;
Jasmine: I have learnt a variety of positions and some of the unique elements to each role;
Holly M: I have learnt to move into space and be an option for my teammates. I also learnt the game of hockey and all the rules;
Jane: I learnt to never turn my back on the ball and always be ready with my stick in the correct position;
Charlotte: I have learnt that me and coach journeys are not friends but that I enjoy the hockey;
Rose: I have learnt to control the ball and stay focused on the game. Thank you sports department;
Uju: I have learnt to stay on the area of the pitch more and developed a love for the game;
Ivie: I know I must always bring the correct equipment – a mouth guard is essential for my safety;
Holly C: I have enjoyed the season and I am always ready to tackle in defence;
Anjola: I know when to use my powerful hits to open the play.


As 2-1 to Chesham

Bs 1-0 to Chesham

Cs 2-1 to Beechwood

Ds 4-3 to Chesham








Congratulations to the Colts A,B and C Teams for their victories over Orley Farm School

Head’s Commendations

Well done to this week’s recipients of Head’s Commendations:

Engage: Year 3 – Sienna C, Sienna L; Year 5 – Rory B, Evie H, Thomas K, Kaede L,

Inspire: Year 3 – George M; Year 4 – Sam B, Clemmie O; Year 5 – Ivie R, George F, Elliott F, Holly M, Anjola O, Jonah H, Jack W

This Week’s Library Recommendation

This week’s Library Recommendation is ‘A Magical Year’ by Jim Kay & JK Rowling

This brand new book by the hugely talented Jim Kay is an irresistible delight for Harry Potter fans. Mirroring the beauty of his illustrated editions of JK Rowling’s original text, this book is packed full of detail. There is a fully referenced extract for every day of the year, enabling readers to delve back into the stories each time (and most importantly check their birthday!).