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Middle Department News 23 June 2023 

Year 3

A Steady Trot to the Finishing Line

It is hard to believe that we are nearing the end of the school year. This week, Year 3 travelled to Berkhamsted School for a Cricket Skills Session, which they all thoroughly enjoyed.  It was also great to see so many Year 3 parents at the Senior School Information Session on Thursday night. We hope you found it informative.   

We will continue to have a busy couple of weeks ahead of us, and the children are very much looking forward to the Middle Department Sports Day and Transition Morning. Speech Day is also fast approaching and the children are busy sticking work into their Best Books ready to show their parents – which takes extra time because they tend to stop and reminisce about what they did, marvelling at their own creativity. 

Forest School

Over the course of the past few weeks, the Year 3 classes have been busy at Forest School whittling sticks into quills. They learned how to sit and hold the knife without the risk of hurting themselves. It took time and effort, but they all managed to persevere and were successful. A great exercise in understanding how patience pays off in the end. 

We will also be having our final Forest School session of the year, which will be for the three classes. It will be on Monday 26th June. Please come into school with Forest School clothes. Please can this be their school games kits rather than their own clothes. Fingers crossed for good weather! 

Fun Night Dance

The Fun Night Dance Group is made up of children from Year 3 – Year 6 and throughout this term we have been working on a performance piece ready for the Fun Night celebration at Beechwood in a couple of weeks. Mrs Doyle and Mrs Hegarty have been SO impressed with the level of talent all of the children have brought to the dance and are so pleased with the outcome. Each member has brought their own style and moves to the rehearsals and it is accumulated into a fantastic performance piece which spans across a range of genres.

For our Year 3 children this is one of their first opportunities to perform a dance to parents and we are all so excited for you to see it!

Yr 3 Fun Night Dance

Café Du Lion

The Year 3 were treated to a French cafe experience by the Year 5s this week. Café du Lion opened its doors for the first time this year on Tuesday morning.  Although the torrential rain meant that they could not eat en plein air, as hoped, the children’s enthusiasm was not dented in the least. The Year 5 serving staff were amazing and quickly took orders in French, which the Year 3s selected from specially designed menus. They had the choice of un biscuit or une madeleine or des raisins, washed down with either jus d’orange or jus de cassis. The Years 3s were very appreciative and started the day with a real spring in their step. Many thanks to the French Department for organising such a fun event.

Year 3 Cafe Du Lion

Wishing you a wonderful weekend! 

Kind regards

The Year 3 Team

Year 4

Year 4 have had a very busy  week and a half, jammed packed full of learning and fun!

Forest School

All three classes had their final session of Forest School with their form. We were able to complete all the activities that Mrs Le Bas had set for us. We were either den building, making butterflies from sticks, or making our very own spreader by whittling. We loved all the activities.

Year 4 Forest School

Viking Day

On Friday 16th June Year 4 had a Viking come to visit them! We had a great day learning all about them, we learnt about Viking homes, played a Viking game and completed a quiz and that was just the morning! In the afternoon we were altogether in the Great Hall listening to Wolf tell us all about Viking weapons – we thought it was very entertaining when he sliced a melon into pieces with his axe and sword! 

Year 4 Viking Day

Cafe du Lion

On Tuesday 20th June Year 4 had another very special treat! After registration we all went into the Performance Hall to be served breakfast by Year 5! There was a catch- we had to order our breakfast in French! The Year 5’s had made menus for us to order from and were dressed up as French waiters and waitresses. They were brilliant at serving us all and we loved using our French. Thank you Year 5 and all the French teachers for organising such a super event!

Year 4 Cafe Du Lion

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

The Year 4 Team

Year 5

Norfolk Lakes Trip

What a two weeks it has been for Year 5! This time last week we were all sitting on a coach, after having had the most amazing week in Norfolk. The sun shone, the water was refreshing and lots of fun was had by all in what was probably one of the most enjoyable school residential I have ever been on. The children were fantastic and displayed all the Beechwood Values. All of the Norfolk Lakes staff were blown away by the impeccable manners our children showed and we received many kind, positive comments on how much of a pleasure they were to have during activities. We were all very proud of them and I hope you were too! 

We are still in the process of uploading photos but please feel free to take a look at the ones that have been upload so far. Be warned – you might need a bit of time to view them all! 

What did Year 5 have to say about the trip? 

“Giant Standup Paddle Boarding was a brilliant experience especially pushing in the teachers!” 

“My favourite activity was the crate staking because I love going on a harness because when you fall off the crates it feels like you’re flying!” 

“Everything at Norfolk Lakes was so fun, I can’t choose a favourite!” 

“The water activities were really FUN especially pushing the teachers into the water.” 

“Absolutely brilliant, such a great experience I will never forget!” 

And finally, to sum it all up,  

“A sublime, splendid and phenomenal trip!” 

Year 5 Norfolk Trip

House Swimming Gala

Big congratulations to STEWART house for winning the Year 5 swim gala.

Café Du Lion

Despite the very heavy rain, Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed being chefs and waiters at Beechwood’s world-famous Café du Lion. The menu consisted of a delicious ‘biscuit miam miam’, ‘une madeleine’ and ‘des raisins’. The pupils excelled in using their French to take and deliver orders from the Year 3 and 4 customers.   

Year 5 Cafe Du Lion 2023
Next week is going to be a very busy with a lot going on! Just to keep you in the loop, here is an overview of what is happening on each day and what children will need to bring in: 

Monday : Sport Team Photos 

Tuesday : Sports Day in the morning. Cap, water bottle, house top and suntan cream needed. 

Wednesday : Transition morning  

Thursday :   

11:20-1:00 – PSHE session – Year 5 pupils will be learning about the physical and emotional changes associated with puberty and adolescence. The lessons form part of the Science and PSHE curricula. Please see the letter sent to all Year 5 parents on 19 May for more information.  

2:00- 4:00 – Forest School. Yippee! Pupils will go home with their games bag on Wednesday and then wear games kit into school on Thursday with trainers that are clean enough to wear in the school building.
They should also bring a jumper (in case it is a bit chilly in the woods), long trousers (to avoid nettle stings) waterproof coat (and waterproof trousers if the weather forecast is not looking good) and suitable outdoor footwear. 

If the weather forecast is looking good, then we suggest a cap and suntan cream. 

Friday : School finishes at 3:15pm. 

The Year 5 Team

From the Middle Department Library

Kofi and the Rap Battle by Jeffrey Boakye

The irrepressible Kofi is bubbling with ideas to make money. It’s the 1990s and, together with his friend Kelvin, Kofi has a new money making plan – they’ve identified that the current magazines don’t include song lyrics so decide to make their own – Paper Jam. But perhaps using the school photocopier isn’t the best idea! And although Kofi’s scheme at the arcade is also making money, he’s having issues with Leroy, a new friend who’s mean to Kelvin. Where do Kofi’s loyalties really lie? And is the money worth losing a friend over?

Packed with snappy, witty dialogue that crackles off the page, and full of humorous scenes, this is a truly engaging read. The chapters are very short, meaning it feels accessible and the musical references mean it’s super engaging.




Head’s Commendations

Congratulations to this week’s recipients of Mrs Cussans’ Commendations:

- Engage Inspire Nurture
Year 3 Eileeyah N Olivia W, Alessio G -
Year 4 - - Ellie S
Year 5 Lilly B - -