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Middle Department Notices and Reminders

World Book Day

Thursday 2 March is World Book Day! We are celebrating this national event by transforming the Drawing Room and the Junior Hall into two huge bookshops provided by the Travelling Book Company. Pupils will have the chance to browse the books and make purchases.

As part of this national celebration of reading, each pupil will receive a £1 book token, redeemable against any book purchased on 2 March.

As in previous years, we invite all pupils and staff to dress up as their favourite character from a book, and we ask that £1 is donated to the World Book Day charity via this link

Please click here before Monday 20 February to complete the Google form confirming whether your child can participate in the book sale, their maximum spend amount and that you are happy for the cost of the book/books to be added to your account.


This week in Year 3

The children are still on a high from last Friday – the most exciting day so far in Year 3! During the morning, pupils loved sharing with their parents the pride they take in their work, and then the Inter School Cross Country competition was the icing on the cake!

We had an excellent group representing Year 3:

  • Violet G,
  • Louisa L,
  • Lucinda C,
  • Naomi G,
  • Sasha L,
  • Harry M,
  • Miles D,
  • Charlie M,
  • Charlie H 
  • Alex F.

There was a real buzz in the School and the whole of Year 3 were very excited to be able to go outside and to loudly and enthusiastically show our support for the runners. We felt very proud of them!  You can enjoy looking through some of our photos below.

Year 3 X Country


Year 3 have started their science topic on rocks and soils. For our first lesson, we became Rock Detectives and walked around the School and grounds trying to spot where different types of rocks were used in the building. We were amazed to see just how many different types of rocks were used and had some great discussions about why these particular rocks had been chosen for each job.  Take a look at our Science session in photos below:

Year 3 Science


Year 3 have been having some excellent discussions over the past few weeks in our PSHE lessons regarding the idea of respect and consent

We understand that respect means treating people in a way which accepts and values their wishes, feelings and rights. We have identified our Trusted Adults and we know that a Trusted Adult would never ask us to keep a secret that makes us feel uncomfortable. We learnt how to keep safe around strangers, who to seek help from (a Safer Adult) and where you might find this help (Safer Buildings such as police stations or libraries). 

We also had some great discussions surrounding consent. We know that consent is when we give permission for something to happen or an agreement to do something. We talked about the idea that everybody is in charge of their own body and can decide what can happen to it. This might mean deciding who can hold your hand, touch you or where they can touch you. We know that we can say ‘no’ politely but firmly if we are feeling uncomfortable and that we should tell a trusted adult if we are at all worried about ourselves or our friends. 

And no week is complete without a cuddle with our well-being dog Bruce.


Next Week

We are very excited to have our Year 3 corridor and stairs painted over half term. Mrs Pope has been stripping the boards in preparation and it has been so lovely to hear the children expressing dismay as their work comes down and how much they liked seeing it up there. We have reassured them that it will all end up in their Best Books so they are mollified. 

We are also looking forward to going on our trip to the Hindu Temple next week. We will be out for the whole of Tuesday, but will be back in time for After School Activities. We will share lots of pictures in next week’s newsletter! 

Kind regards,

The Year 3 Team 

This week in Year 4


Year 4 had more exciting lessons in Science where  we took ‘disclosing’ tablets’. We had to crunch the tablets in our mouths and they turned the plaque on our teeth blue so we could see where we needed to better brush our teeth. We then brushed our teeth making sure we got rid of all the blue stains. Check out our photos below – we hope you enjoy them. 

Thank you to Boarding for letting us use your facilities and making this possible. We had a great time and took away a few important valuable learnings.

Year 4 Science

4P enjoy Forest School

On Monday, 4P had a very exciting Forest School session. They initially had to navigate their way into the woods by following arrows to show them the direction to walk and if they came across a cross, they had to choose a different direction. Once in the forest, the children worked collaboratively as a team in small groups which involved hiding a pig and then creating the directions using the sticks for another group to solve. Brilliant teamwork seen in solving a problem together!

4P Forest School
The Year 4 Team

This week in Year 5

Firstly, many congratulations to our Year 5 Cross Country runners who performed so strongly in last Friday’s Cross Country Festival. We were extremely proud of them all: those who powered on to finish in very impressive times and also those who ran at a gentler pace to support and encourage friends. There was a wonderful sense of team spirit and an awful lot of MUD!

In History, our study of Norman England has continued this term. The pupils have discussed the problems facing the new King William of England and explored the different ways – both nice and nasty – in which he kept his new rebellious country under control. The pupils have used their analytical skills to evaluate the different strategies he employed and have looked at the historical sources which provide the evidence.

One particularly entertaining lesson is the (now legendary) SKITTLES lesson where we help the pupils to see the feudal system in practical terms.

Skittles are paid out in return for land, protection and food, leaving the King and his barons with large mountains of skittles and the lowly peasants with a measly 4 skittles….

No prizes for guessing who was who in these photos of 5D and 5CB!




We wish you all a very happy weekend as we look forward to the final week of learning adventures before the February half term,

The Year 5 Pastoral Team

From the Middle Department Library

The Storm Swimmer by Clare Weze

Ginika was expecting a summer of fun, but instead finds herself living in her grandparent’s dead-end seaside town missing everything she loves back home. That is until she meets Peri. He’s not exactly a mermaid, but he’s definitely something Ginika’s never seen before. When they’re together they don’t need anyone else. But then the lights and noise of the human world start to change Peri. And when things spin out of control, Ginika must be the bravest she’s ever been to face her fears and make the hardest decision of her life.

An original story of adventure and friendship combining to overcome feelings of grief and abandonment.

The Library Team

Head’s Commendations

Congratulations to this week’s recipients of Mrs Cussans’ Commendations:

Nurture Inspire Engage
Year 3 - Anaye K Tallulah H, Bertie G, Annabel R
Year 4 - - -
Year 5 - - -