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Year 6 PSHE and Science Curricula

Following on from the email we sent to you on Wednesday 10th May, if you would like to attend the video viewing session on Wednesday 17th May at 14:30, please confirm your attendance by completing this Google Form. We would be grateful if you could do so by 1700 on Monday 15th.

Thank you

Miss C Burton, Acting Head of PSHE and  Ms J Begley, Head of Science 

Senior Department News 12 May 2023

Year 6 Residential Trip

Not all classrooms have four walls, and so we headed off with Year 6 on Tuesday for our residential trip to Paccar Scout Camp. I won’t say too much about it, as you have some fantastic accounts below from the pupils themselves, however it’s safe to say that much fun was had by all and we have definitely made some memories to take with us into the Summer and beyond!

I thought it would be nice to share with you this beautifully detailed write up from Sai:

The atmosphere on the bus was electric. It feels like we haven’t been on a trip for a long time and it was good to go somewhere different. We stepped out of the bus just waiting to hear what dorms we were going to be in, but we didn’t find out straight away.  Everyone was chatting about what activity they thought they were going to do. After we collected our bags we met the people who worked there and headed to the flag circle.

We were split into groups and dorms were selected. We unpacked our stuff and then we had a site tour.  It was amazing. There were so many things like Teepee’s, a gladiator challenge, a rock-climbing wall and more.

After that we had lunch. We enjoyed sandwiches and crisps and we were all so hungry, then it was our first activity. There were five groups: A, B, C, D and E. I was in the best group, Group B. Our first activity was the Gladiator challenge, we had to climb up nets, across tyres trying to beat the opposition. Even Miss Mac had a go!

After that it was our last activity of the day, Group B were doing team building. Firstly, we were standing on a bench, we had to order everyone by the month they were born starting in January all the way through to December, without speaking. We did well only a few mistakes. Secondly, we had to move five tyres, one at a time to the other pole in the opposite order. Each person had to hold the tyre so we could move it. We did it. Eventually. Thirdly we had to cross the Acid River without touching it only using three boxes. We fell in a couple of times but we managed to complete the challenge.

Just when we were about to start our last activity, it started to rain, but that didn’t stop us. We were split into two teams. The first person in each team ran around the cones where they met. They did rock, paper, scissors the the winner went to the back of their line. But the rain was absolutely pouring so we went to get changed in our dorms. Then finally it was dinner. It was pasta and pork meatballs and it was really good. We were supposed to have a campfire but because of the rain we did a digital campfire, singing songs. We were all tired by 21:40 and that was when we went to sleep.

The next day, our dorm woke up at 5:30. Breakfast was at 8:00 so we had to wait two and a half hours until breakfast. At 7:00 we went outside and play cricket until breakfast.  Breakfast was toast, croissants, pain au chocolat, coco pops and cornflakes. Soon after was our first activity, it was our turn to go rock climbing, so we put our harnesses on and started to climb.

When we finished that we went on the highline, we wore helmets and blindfolds and held a rope. The person at the front whispered to the person behind what direction they were going in and so on. There were obstacles like tyres, tunnels and ropes. We all got really muddy and got changed straight away.

We had sandwiches for lunch again and headed back to school having had a great time.

Quotes from pupils:

The funniest moment:

  • Teambuilding in the rain – Jane C
  • The mango song! – Charlotte F

The best thing I learnt:

  • Was working in a team and trying something new – Ivie R
  • Finding out more about different people – Easher S

A memory I’ll keep:

  • Creating signals for teachers coming to check on our dorms – Lochan K
  • Finding out what the signal was for me checking on dorms! – Mrs W (aka Woppa!)

My favourite activity:

  • I liked crate stacking. My friend Chloe and I got 14 crates up! – Zoe A
  • Breakfast was delicious! – Jonah H

My favourite moment:

  • Going rock climbing and pedal-karting – Ella Rose A-K
  • The Gladiator Challenge, because I like climbing – Archie L

We managed to take lots of lovely photos for you to enjoy, take a look at our gallery here

Year 6 Residential May 2023

Mrs Wright

Mrs Cussans’ Credit Club Lunch

Credit Club is an occasion that recognises the tremendous contribution to School life made by pupils, and the most recent lunch was for Year 7 and Top Form pupils who have consistently displayed excellent attitudes, behaviour and work – well done to: Diego A-S,  Isaac C,  Harry G,  Chris L-M,  Ramsay M, Wilfred O,  Felix R,  Arthur S,  Arisa T,  Jamie W-S, Henry G,  Millie G,  Jacob H,  Charlotte R and Ava S on this achievement.

Mrs Cussans joined the pupils for a spot of fine dining – thank you to Emily, Adam and Team for laying on a fabulous meal!

Take a look at some of the photos below.

Year 7 and Top Form Credit Club


Thank you to the very many pupils who entered this year’s House Art competition.  The theme was “The Environment” and there were some fabulous entries from pupils in the Senior Department – well done to you all!  Here are just a few highlights…

Senior Department iArt Entries 2023

From the Senior Department Library

The Dark and Dangerous Gifts of Delores Mackenzie by Yvonne Banham

Delore Mackenzie has the dark and dangerous gift of necromancy which results in her being followed home by a restless spirit. Consequently, she is sent to the mysterious ‘Uncles’ in Edinburgh Old Town to learn how to control these unusual ‘gifts’. Scared and alone, she finds her new home at the Tolbooth Book Store is full of curious surprises: some welcome, others less so.  It is here that she soon realises something dark is threatening the lives of those around her. Unfortunately, her closest ally is also a jealous foe – Prudence.

Gothic and supernatural, this is an intriguing read that has the makings of a real page-turner, and potentially a great new series.