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News from the Senior Department

Message from Mrs Wright

Happy New Year!

It has been fantastic to welcome the Senior Department pupils back this week and to get the term off to a great start.

I thought I would start with this poem:

All My Great Excuses by Kenn Nesbitt

I started on my homework,
but my pen ran out of ink…
My hamster ate my homework…
My computer’s on the blink…

I tripped and dropped my homework
in the soup my mom was cooking…
My brother flushed it down the toilet
when I wasn’t looking…

My mother ran my homework
through the washer and the dryer…
An airplane crashed into our house…
My homework caught on fire…

Tornadoes blew my notes away…
Volcanoes rocked our town…
My books were taken hostage
by an evil killer clown…

Some aliens abducted me…
I had a shark attack…
A pirate swiped my homework
and refused to give it back…

I worked on these excuses
so darned long my teacher said,
“I think you’ll find it’s easier
to do the work instead.”

This week’s Senior Department Assembly was about how we are going to approach the term and setting targets to be successful and happy in our endeavours.

We discussed how to set a target to accomplish; methods to use to help us be successful in achieving that goal; and how to find joy in the process. Big goals indeed, but it is the fortnight of ‘aspiration’!

Max D and Will P also read us a copy of a poem all about avoiding homework (and why it’s just easier to do it) and Baxter F and James B were fantastic at demonstrating teamwork and resilience when succeeding at a challenging task.

I hope we can all learn from their lessons and have a happy and vibrant 2023!  I will leave you with this video which I think is worth a watch.

Have a lovely weekend

Marion Wright

Senior Department Notices

Top Form Leadership Programme

Last term we carried out a thorough review of the leadership opportunities in Top Form. This involved meetings with Top Form pupil voice reps and some parent volunteers as well as extensive discussion in form times. We are now delighted to announce that some new leadership opportunities are opening for application today. The opportunities include:

  • The Pupil Leadership Team
  • Year 5 Transition Working Party
  • Peer Support Group

Top Form pupils have been made aware of these opportunities through this week’s Senior Department assembly and their afternoon Form Tutor session today, and a copy of that presentation will be placed on their Form Group Google Classroom for their consideration.

We would encourage every Top Former to consider applying for a role. Leadership roles such as this provide a range of opportunities to help develop key skills such as communication; organisation; building relationships with teams; and achieving tasks effectively.

Prime Hydration Drinks

Please don’t send your child into school with any drinks other than water. Prime drinks have gone viral on TikTok and it is not unheard of for bottles of Prime Hydration to be sold at incredibly inflated prices. We have advised pupils that only water is to be brought into school and that no selling of any items between pupils is permitted (apologies to all budding Sir Alan Sugars!)

Newsletter Articles

If your child is interested in writing an article for the school newsletter, then I would love to hear from them! It would be great to have some articles on any of the following:

  • Exciting lessons
  • Co-curricular achievements
  • Your Christmas break
  • What you’re looking forward to this term

Or perhaps they have their own ideas? I’d really be interested in hearing them. Please do encourage your child to get involved and to come and speak to me about submitting their article.

From the English Department

During this term, Top Form will explore poems from a variety of cultures. In Monday’s lesson, they looked at South Asian clothing. In addition, they examined how it may contribute to the identity of an individual who comes from two entirely different cultures. As a result of their exploration,

Top Form produced some beautiful creative writing.

Year 7 creative writing

From the Art Department

Here are some of the beetle collagraphs that Year 6 have been working on.

Pupils made textured plates from lots of different materials and then inked them up and printed them using the press. It was all very messy, but lots of fun!

Each beetle contains work from every member of the class.

From the Senior Library

21% Monster: Ice Giant by P.J. Canning

Since Darren Devlin and Marek Masters joined forces in the first of this series, there has only been one thing on their minds – taking down XSP, the secret organisation that transformed them into genetically-modified superhumans. Even with 21% monster Darren’s incredible strength, and 19% alien Marek’s super intelligence, XSP is more than a match for them.  But what if there was another survivor of XSP’s experiments? A tall, tough, athletic teen girl able to withstand sub-zero temperatures and track potential predators? A girl who’s 17% sabre-tooth polar bear, and out for revenge.

The 21% Monster trilogy series (third book due 3 July 2023) is fast paced and high octaine, perfect for fans of Alex Rider.


Congratulations to this week’s recipients of Mrs Cussan’s Commendations:

Nurture Engage Inspire
Year 6 - Bertie C, Zach H, Alex R Charlotte F, Rory B
Year 7 - - -
Top Form Sid S Max D Joshua D, Tommy H, Aiden B, Louis M