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Senior Department News

Top Form Moving On Moving Up Programme

It has been a busy week for Top Form as they embarked on their “Moving On Moving Up Programme.

The programme combines trips, workshops, activities and challenges to enjoy – not to mention the much-anticipated Skern Lodge Residential Trip next week.

On Monday Top Formers – and staff – enjoyed a trip to the Houses of Parliament – here is what they had to say about their day:

  • I enjoyed learning about the history of Parliament and being able to reference things that I had heard previously in the media and being able to fully understand it. Aidan
  • I really enjoyed going to the Houses of Parliament because we got to do a very interesting, fun debate workshop. Also, it was really cool being able to see the House of commons and the House of Lords and I liked seeing the artwork and asking lots of questions.  Logan
  • We felt really important when we walked into the amazing Houses of Parliament for the first time. Sully and Freddie
  • My highlights was the workshop and I enjoyed seeing the House of Commons and the House of Lords. I also saw Andrew Marr who was filming.  Leo
  • The architecture of the building was incredible. I learnt how a law is made and we were debating Matthew
  • When we were at Parliament I enjoyed looking at the mosaics on the walls and the meanings behind  them.
  • The best part was when we got to go through the process of laws being made and got to argue for and against a law being made.  Jack
  • I really enjoyed going to the Houses of Parliament and learning about the House of Lords and House of Commons. I also enjoyed the workshop debating, although we didn’t win it.  Matthew G
  • We went to the House of Commons and House of Lords and i enjoyed it as I liked being in the same places of people that change the country.  Tom
  • I enjoyed the trip because it was very interesting to see how Parliament worked and to act out the creation of law. Dylan
  • We went to the Houses of Parliament, it was very long and fun. We learnt the process of making the law. It’s a long process, including lots of people like the House of Commons, the Queen, the Houses of Lords. It can take up to one year to make a law.  The paintings were also interesting. Peter

Another highlight was photobombing Elliott’s father as he was filming outside the Houses of Parliament!

As the week progressed, Top Form enjoyed fantastic sessions with journalist Gavin Mairs and author Jonathan Stroud (thank you to both for sparing the time to come and speak to the pupils), as well as an informative First Aid session with Mrs Humphreys, where they learnt the basics of CPR and how to use a defibrillator.  Top Form have also been engrossed in discussions about the ingredients of healthy relationships and the concept of consent, practising for the Latin Plays, preparing their Dragon’s Den pitches, completing Maths challenges like a pirate (don’t ask!), honing their skills as film critics and competing for the prestigious Geography World Cup. Exhausting!

This morning, Top Form received their amazing final exam results, and then took part in the hotly contested Great Beechwood Top Form Bake Off, which as always, had interesting results! They don’t know this yet but (drum roll please …) our Master Baker crown goes to Ayush Ganatra and Akaash Khiani who baked the most incredible chocolate cookies. A huge thank you to Emily and her team who made this event possible – and so much fun!

We have so many more fun activities in store for Top Form when they get back from Skern Lodge. Have a great time everyone!

2022 Moving On Moving Up

We hope all the Top Formers and staff accompanying them have a wonderful week at Skern Lodge next week – we look forward to hearing all about it!

Creative Writing by Daniel (Top Form)

We also wanted to share this fantastic monologue, created by the very talented Daniel in Top Form.

This was inspired by a lamp, take a read, I think you’ll agree it is very good.

Year 6 Button Box Reflections

During Drama lessons this week, Year 6 pupils reflected on the creative processes that went into the production of The Button Box, interviewing and filming each other discussing their thoughts about what made the production so successful.  You can watch their film here 

Boarders’ Family Barbecue

Thank you to everyone who came to the Boarders’ Family Barbecue last night – it was lovely to see so many people!
Boarders' Family BBQ June 2022

From the Senior Library

MagicBorn by Peter Bunzl

The magic which fuels this thrilling adventure will keep readers spellbound from start to finish! Set in a far off time and in a far off land the story tells of two children, Tempest and Peter. Both have one green eye and one blue eye. Both have lost their parents. And both are in great danger because they are MagicBorn which means that the Royal Sorcerer is determined to track them down. There is much wickedness in this world which Tempest and Peter must survive but also much kindness which helps to keep them safe. And throughout it all there’s thrumming magic which means that anything can happen.

The first in an enthralling new historical-fantasy adventure series from the bestselling author of The Cogheart Adventures.

Head’s Commendations

Congratulations to the recipients of this week’s Head’s Commendations:

Nurture Engage Inspire
Year 6 Nicole, Hollie - -
Year 7 - - -
Top Form - - -