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News from the Senior Department

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Space Available on Year 7 / Top Form Cricket Tour to Barbados

A space has just become available on the Year 7 and Top Form cricket tour to Barbados, departing on the 5th July and returning on the 15th July. If you would be interested in taking this space please contact Mr Griffiths for further information (

News from the Senior Department

From Mrs Wright

This week in the Maths Department we decided to be a bit irrational and celebrate the wonderful world of Pi! Not the delicious type of pie that our catering team bake for us, but the mathematically marvellous number Pi!

March 14th marks the day that mathematicians around the world celebrate this number, and it is no coincidence that this date has been chosen.  The first three significant figures of Pi are 3.14 and in the American format for writing this date is the same.

A quick crash course for those of you who might have forgotten your high school geometry lessons, Pi is a constant number that represents the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.  it is the same for every circle, regardless of its size! Pi is an irrational, transcendental number, which means it carries on infinitely, without repetition or pattern!

The day started off with a special assembly from Mrs Groeneveld and Mrs Wright and we had lots of fun in lessons celebrating Pi with skyscapes; dingbats; quizzes; digits of Pi recital competitions and much, much more.

And of course, we finished the day with a huge slice of pie (the yummy kind!)

From the English Department

On Tuesday 14th March, pupils in the Middle and Senior Departments were cordially invited to join the English Department for a Mad Hatter’s Tea party. This was to celebrate their success with the Accelerated Reader programme this term. Pupils enjoyed a sumptuous afternoon tea, prepared by Emily and her team, followed by some fun party games and music. The pupils had a wonderful time, and the biscoff cupcakes were an incredibly popular choice!

The pupils who attended included:

Sophia U, Jack B, Haotong G, Luke M, Luke W, Eleanor P, Aria Dervin, Izzy M, James B

Great fun was had by all! The English Department look forward to hosting this event again later in the Summer term.

Mrs Wilkins

Engagement and Effort Recognition

Each week, Mrs Wright recognises pupils who have received at least 10 credits.

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From the Senior Department Library

Wilder by Penny Chrimes

Wilder is a captivating and intriguing book from the author of Tiger Heart, hinting at the impact of human greed on our world.  It is the story of a ‘girl’ who emerges from the marshes one day, and is adopted by a wisewoman who names her ‘Rhodd’. The villagers remain weary of her, and it’s clear that she’s not quite a simple girl. She has special powers, particularly in relation to nature and her marsh homeland. Over time, it becomes clear that the land is dying and it falls upon Rhodd to act.

Peppered with beautiful pencil drawings, Chrimes’ latest novel with its courageous heroine is well worth a read.