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Senior Department News 19 May 2023

National Numeracy Day lasts all May!

Building brighter futures through confidence with numbers.

The big day was 17 May but you can take part in everything for the rest of the month!

Here are links to some activities you can do at home:

Maths Activity Sheet 1

Maths Activity Sheet 2

Maths Activity Sheet 3

From the Sports Department

Our Equestrian Team took centre stage in Friday morning’s Assembly in the build up to their National Championships in a week’s time at Hickstead.

Chloe I, Nicole I, Olivia R and Rory L met to discuss what they would like to share with the Middle and Senior Departments as the first Equestrian Team in Beechwood Park’s history to lead an assembly. Fun stories about their ponies, their long show day routine, the different equipment and the bounce-back ability when events and practice don’t go as well as they could do.

There was excitement in the audience as videos were shown of the large jumps the team concur in training and competition and a celebration of the largest Equestrian team to date! They were fantastic ambassadors of the sport, congratulations.

If there are any enquiries about our Equestrian team please do get in touch with Mrs Briscoe at

Mrs Briscoe

Top Form Spanish

Top B1 and Top A have been working incredibly hard in their clases de español over the last few weeks. This week, they learnt how to use the future tense in Spanish to talk about what they are going to do during the holidays. They were quick to see the similarities between French and Spanish, which meant they picked up this new tense incredibly quickly! They enjoyed a game of batalla naval (battleships) in pairs; they used a number of very interesting sentences in the future tense to try and sink their partner’s ships!

Stewart vs Sebright House Competition

There was a competitive buzz in the air on Wednesday when the staff and pupils of Stewart and Sebright Houses went up against each other. Miss Bailey organised a fabulous competition to pitch our genius  pupils against the caffeine powered oldies. The pressure was on and the pupils really enjoyed the opportunity of displaying their speedy Latin, Music and Science skills against their French, Maths and Geography teachers.

A friendly competition with giggles along the way. Thank you ,Miss Bailey

The results:

Stewart – Pupils won 5-3 (revision lessons booked in for the staff)

Sebright – Draw 4-4 ( well done Sebright staff)

Head’s Commendations

Congratulations to this week’s recipients of Mrs Cussans’ Commendations:

Nurture Inspire
Year 7 - Arisa T
Top Form Josh D Otto C

From the Senior Department Library

Away with Words by Sophie Cameron

Away with Words is a bold and unusual story, set in a world where words take on physical forms. They literally fall from peoples’ mouths, float through the air and bounce off walls. They can be collected and transformed, and then gifted with powerful consequences. 

Gala and her dad, Jordi, have just moved from home in Cataluña to a town in Scotland, to live with Jordi’s boyfriend Ryan. Gala doesn’t speak much English, and feels lost, lonely and unable to be her usual funny self. Until she befriends Natalie, a girl bullied because of her selective mutism. 

The two girls find their own ways to communicate. They use the words to write anonymous supportive poems for their classmates, but then someone begins leaving nasty messages using the same method – and the girls are blamed. Gala has finally started adapting to her new life in Scotland and is determined to find the culprit