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Senior Department News

Year 6 Shakespeare Workshop

Year 6 were immersed in the world of Shakespeare and Macbeth on Monday this week, working with a fabulous performer from Young Shakespeare Company.
The students particularly enjoyed re-enacting the Battle of Dunsinane.
Now, they are looking forward to studying Macbeth in their English lessons this half-term, and delving further into the Scottish Play.
Mr Lound

Top Form Future Skills

In Future Skills, Top Form are learning about how the brain develops during adolescence and the opportunities this presents for learning. This week we have watched the video clips (parents may be interested to watch these two clips and )  and researched interesting facts about the brain.

Words such as neuroplasticity, pruning, synapses, and myelin have now entered their vocabulary so do chat to your child to see if they can explain what they have learned! They were particularly fascinated to learn about left-brain, right-brain dominance theory and this provoked some interesting debate.

Top Form The Brain Feb 2022

We will be moving on to look at memory and revision techniques, so that Top Form really understand the best way to retrieve information from their highly impressive brains!

Mrs Clarke

Science Investigations

It has been a week of hands-on Science for Senior pupils this week.

Year 7 have been carrying out food tests, testing different samples for starch and fat content, and Year 6 have been investigating combustion – safely, of course.


















Top Form Visit Woodlands

The Woodlands link Top Formers went with Mrs Kelway-Bamber to visit the Woodlanders today.

The children have been learning about Paw Patrol as their theme and had requested a visit from a real dog! Bruce thoroughly enjoyed all the attention and certainly seemed to meet LOTS of new friends.

This is the first time our Top Formers have been able to visit Woodlands this years; they had a brilliant time and loved being back!
Top Form Visit Woodlands Feb 2022



Private Peaceful

Key dates for your diary:

Technical & Dress rehearsal 1: Friday 4 March, 1400 – 1800

Technical & Dress rehearsal 2 + photographs with Michael Carver: Saturday 19 March, 1000 -1600

Dress rehearsal performance to Year 5 & 6 + Top Form non drama pupils: Monday 21 March, 1430 – 1600

Evening performances to parents:  Thursday & Friday 24 and 25 March, 1900 – 2030

Reminder: All of Year 7 are involved in the play but ONLY those who opted for Drama in Top Form.

Rehearsal Schedules

Year 7

Top Form


Thanks to Mrs Jacques’ wonderful design and sewing skills, we will provide ALL costumes for Private Peaceful, however ALL PUPILS should bring the following items:

  • clean school shoes, grey socks (preferably long if they are school children, girls and boys).
  • Girls need to have their hair tied back, buns for British soldiers. We would like Anna to have pigtails please!

Photos Please!

We would also like to put together a slideshow to remember family members who served in either World War 1 or World War 2.

Please email any suitable photos to by Friday 11 March.

Thank you

Mrs Hegarty



Save Harpenden Squash Club

Henley (Year 6) spent Half Term campaigning to save Harpenden Squash Club from eviction from its current premises, and he needs your help!

He has already organised T-shirts for Junior members, and a petition, which he hopes to get as many people as possible to sign, before the end of March.
Henley is an avid squash player and is currently ranked 5th in Hertfordshire, and feels that it would be a terrible shame for Harpenden Squash Club to lose its premises.

Please help Henley by signing his petition HERE

Thank you!

World Book Day – Thursday 3 March

WORLD BOOK DAY is just around the corner, and we cannot wait!

Not only is this a day to celebrate books and reading but it is also a chance to have fun and dress up in our favourite book characters. If you are struggling and would like some ideas, have a look at the links below for some inspiration:

We can’t wait to see your outfits!

PLEASE fill in THIS FORM to confirm whether your child can participate in our fantastic book sale, and what their maximum spend is.
Please click HERE to read the letter with full details about the book sale.
School Librarians

From the Library

Nisha’s War by Dan Smith

This haunting World War Two story is packed full of atmosphere and adventure as Nisha befriends a ghost in an attempt to save her mother. 

Originally from Malaya Singapore, Nisha and her mother, Amma, flee the war and find themselves in Northern England living with their estranged family under countless rules. When Amma falls gravely ill, Nisha is left to face her formidable grandmother alone. Grandmother’s rules are countless, and her Anglo-Indian granddaughter is even forbidden from climbing the old weeping tree.

But when a ghost child beckons Nisha to sit under its boughs, and promises her Amma’s life in return for three truths, its pull proves irresistible.


Head’s Commendations

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Senior School Open Events

Abbot’s Hill:  Saturday 5 March 1000 – 1200