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Senior Department News

Year 6 Science

This week, Year 6 have been learning about separating mixtures; below, you can see pictures of them studying the process of fractional distillation…














Year 7 and Top Form PSHEE

In PSHEE this week, all of our Year 7 and Top Form pupils have been busy putting together their class Floor Books, displaying their learning in an exciting new format. Here you can see 7A hard at work, reflecting upon last term’s learning about target setting, motivation, mental health and the importance of kindness. In the spirit of collaboration, throughout the Senior Department, we have dispensed with individual PSHEE books and have moved towards our pupils working as a team to present their ideas. We look forward to sharing more of our books with you soon!

Year 7 PSHEE 28 Jan 2022

From the Art Room

Another creative week from our Senior Department artists.  See below for some pictures from the Year 6  Art Club, and watch the North Corridor get a technicolour makeover, thanks to Top Form artists Freddie, Maggie and Maya.

From the Art Room 28th Jan 2022


Senior Department mathematicians have been using logic, reason and code-breaking skills as they solve a variety of mathematical puzzles – Year 6 were working on prime factor decomposition, and Year 7 have been exploring some number puzzles.

From the Library

Sisters of the Lost Marsh / The Mermaid in the Millpond by Lucy Strange

Lucy Strange has two new books out, both aimed at Seniors and worthy of mention. In both, Strange’s signature combination of myth and mystery excel to create spellbinding atmospheric tales. 

The Mermaid in the Millpond is a quick read, designed to be accessible to all. At just 120 pages, this book packs a punch without weighing down the reader. It follows Bess as she moves to work in a rural cotton mill. Soon she is desperate to escape the mill, and wonders if the millpond creature she spots could also be trying to escape. 

Sisters of the Lost Marsh on the other hand stands at 336 pages and draws the reader in from the outset. It follows six sisters who live in fear of their cruel father and the superstition that obsessed him. Just when they think they have a chance for a moment’s fun, it seems the Curse of the Six Daughters might actually be true.



Head’s Commendations

Year Group Nurture Engage Inspire
Year 6 - - Florence B, Selina E, William L, Isabel R, Arthur S, Max F, Rory L, Maximus M, Ella B, Harry G, Charlotte H, Lorna M (x2)
Year 7 - - Charlotte R
Top Form - - -