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Maths Focus

As I write this, the clock is ticking towards 2:22 on the 2/2/22. How mathematically satisfying!
  • Two is such a lovely number it deserves a bit of celebrating, don’t you think? So, here are some fun facts to tickle your twos-tastebuds…
  • Two is the first and only even prime number. As you know, prime numbers are those integers with only two factors. Every other even number is a  multiple of 2 and by definition, cannot be prime.
  • Two is the framework of the binary system that is used in computing. A binary number is made up of only 1s and 0s, There is no 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 in binary! Our base 10 number system has Ones, Tens, Hundreds etc. as our place value columns, however the binary system is made up of Powers of 2 (1, 2, 4, 8 etc).  Much fun can be had coding and decoding in binary (as we will investigate in Senior Department maths lessons).
  • The square root of two was the first known irrational number and the source of an interesting story about Pythagoras of Samos. Cast your mind back to your high school maths lessons and you will no doubt remember Pythagoras as the source of many problems about triangles! In fact, Pythagoras was also an ancient Greek philosopher, who had his own community of followers known as the Pythagoreans. The belief of this group was “All is number” or “God is Number”. But only whole numbers! One poor follower, Hippasus of Metapontum, dared to suggest the existence of the square root of two. The first non-integer! Poor old Hippasus was promptly rowed out to sea and dropped over the side of the boat!

Who knew numbers could be so dangerous..?

In the maths department we are looking forward to another day that is coming up and will involve even more tremendous twos, the 22/02/2022. Even better, it falls on a Tuesday. Henceforth we shall refer to this as Twosday!

We have lots of fun activities planned for that special day, so keep an eye on our Twitter page and ask your child what they did to celebrate “Twosday”



Maths Wordles
If you have been bitten by the “Wordle” bug, why not try this mathematical equivalent?


Mrs Wright
Head of Mathematics

Top Form Maths

Top Form did have been revising prime factor decomposition in lessons this week  – and enjoyed being able to spread out and draw their workings on the tables (which are clean again now!)

Top Form Maths 4 Feb 2022

Year 6 Future Skills

During the last two weeks in Future Skills, Year 6 pupils were challenged to work together to demonstrate their skills in teamwork. Our School values of collaboration, friendship, kindness, patience, perseverance, resilience, respect and trust were clearly in evidence by the bucketful. Much fun was had as they rose to the challenges of building the highest unsupported tower, and lifting a cup as a group without touching it.

Increasingly, senior schools are using team challenges to assess pupils’ wider skills. Beechwood pupils are well prepared for this!

Mrs Clarke

Year 6 Future Skills 4 Feb 2022

Top Form PSHEE

This week, Top Form have been putting together their PSHEE floor books.  Below, you can see member of Top A reflecting on their mental health and how they prepared for their recent scholarship exams, considering the best ways to keep mentally healthy, taking into account the importance of sleep, eating well, and exercising.  They have also been using “blob trees” to chart where they were at the beginning of the process, and where they are now.

Well done Top Form on some really interesting discussions.

Mrs Clarke

Year 6 and 7 Science


Year 6 scientists have been learning about chromatography this week .  Chromatography is the process for separating components of a mixture. The different components of the mixture travel through the stationary phase at different speeds, causing them to separate from one another.

Meanwhile, in Year 7 science lessons, pupils have been investigating the reaction of magnesium and oxygen, and discovering why it burns so brightly – do ask your children to explain the exothermic reaction to you!



Well done to the Senior Department pupils who took their LAMDA exams recently.  What wonderful performances, which you can enjoy by clicking on the links below:

James and the Giant Peach, performed by Florence B and Isla P, Year 6

Almost, performed by Audrey E, Year 7

The Tempest, performed by Felix M, Year 7

The Rivals, performed by Maggie D and Maya T, Top Form

From the PE Department

It was a privilege to welcome Saracens Coach Ian Peel to Beechwood this afternoon to run a coaching session for our Colts team and Year 7 and Top Form rugby players.

Mr Peel worked with the boys on their defensive alignment, and break down skills, and everyone commented on how valuable the session had been, despite the biting wind on the back fields.  Our players are now hoping to emulate the Saracens team, who are renowned in the rugby world for their defensive work.

It was brilliant to have this opportunity on the eve of the Six Nations Tournament; England take on Scotland tomorrow – after our focus on Burns Night in Monday’s assembly, it is safe to say that Beechwood staff are likely to be divided on who they are supporting tomorrow!

Thank you to Mr Peel for coming to coach – a fantastic experience for all our players.

Here are just a few photos from today’s session:

Year 7 and Top Form Training with Ian Peel
Mr Cook and Mr Griffiths

From the Library

The Secret of Haven Point, by Lisette Auton

Washed up as a baby beside a remote lighthouse and raised by a mermaid, Alpha Lux was the first foundling at Haven Point. Now the lighthouse is a ramshackle home for any disabled person who needs somewhere to belong.

Looting from passing ships to make a living, they call themselves the Wrecklings, and for the children of Haven Point life is spent adventuring on the wild shore. But when Alpha spots a strange light up on the headland, she realizes that her beloved family are in danger of being discovered by Outsiders.

A stunning literary adventure, perfect for fans of Kiran Millwood Hargrave, Cerrie Burnell and Katherine Rundell.


Head’s Commendations

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