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Woodlands News 16 June 2023

What a wonderfully, sunny week we have enjoyed.

Tuesday morning’s Sports Day was a perfect event for you to see what your children can do and how much they cover in just 6 weeks of PE sessions. The children did so well to run in a variety of races in front of a large audience, cheering them on! Not only did they put their physical skills to the test but also their listening skills; so many instructions to listen to on a very hot morning! We are all very proud of them, as I’m sure you parents are too.

A big round of applause to our amazing Woodlanders! We hope you enjoyed this annual event.

Woodlands Sports Day

More photos of Sports Day to follow!

So, with the sun shining brightly, it seemed like a great opportunity to have our week of water-based maths lessons in the garden for both Orange and Green Classes.

We have explored capacity and volume by filling, pouring, measuring, describing and playing games. Children and teachers were both glad of some cooling water play and the apple trees outside the nursery gate were equally glad to receive the remaining water.

Here are some ideas for the paddling pool or bath at home…

  • Estimating then measuring how many smaller containers it takes to fill a larger container
  • Using containers of different height and width, explore which has the largest or smallest capacity. Does the ‘biggest’ always hold the most water?
  • Play ‘Don’t spill it!’ – use cups to take turns to fill up a saucepan with water. Do not be the first one to spill the water over the edge of the saucepan! Can children be strategic in only adding smaller amounts as the volume of water increases?

Green Class children have shown us how they really enjoy sport-related activities and with our Sports Day ticked off the list, we thought, no reason to not continue the sporting theme!

On Wednesday morning they got very involved in a game of table football where they were very competitive! All the children enjoyed either watching or playing. They love a brand new activity!

They also got creative decorating football boots. We had Manchester United, Arsenal and Tottenham! They then used their threading skills to create the laces.

The girls in Green are choosing to get ready for the farm trip next Tuesday with lots of small world, animal play. They have been engaging in lots of story telling and role play featuring their favourite animals. We loved seeing all their Sports wear on Thursday; thank you very much.

Woodlands a week in photos

Please make sure that, for those of you whose children are coming on the trip to Willows on Tuesday, you carefully read the email I am sending you with all the instructions and timings. Thank you.

For those of you who are not coming, just a polite reminder that Woodlands is SHUT next Tuesday.

Finally a big thank you to Kate, Amy and all of you for the end of year treat you provided for the team on Thursday evening. It was fantastic fun.

With my best wishes

Shirley Hayman
Head of Woodlands

From the Junior Librarians

The Bear who had Nothing to Wear by Jeanne Willis

The Bear who had Nothing to Wear is an endearing tale focussing on being yourself and deciding who you want to be. Rather than being dressed by his owners, Albie decides to experiment however each and every outfit is not quite right. By the end of the week, there’s a massive pile of clothes from which to choose. 

Bright illustrations and rhyming text make this book all the more enjoyable.