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Woodlands News 16 June 2023

‘You couldn’t have written it!’ was this week’s comment from the staff, on Tuesday morning! We had been planning and preparing for our nursery trip for weeks. As you might imagine, to take 35, under-5’s out of Beechwood grounds requires a lot of thinking, discussion, paperwork and energy. Yet, as we watched and heard that vicious rain at 0800 on Tuesday morning, we weren’t sure whether to laugh or cry!

In all my years of leading Nursery School Trips both here and elsewhere, never have I experienced such awful weather on the morning of the trip. BUT…. it all turned out to be just FINE!

The weather cleared up as we stepped off the coach.
The children were happy and stayed safe all day and had SO much fun.
The Willows Farm staff were so helpful and kind to the children.
The Woodlands Staff had a lot of fun too taking your children on an excursion.
And, thank you to Mrs Bullock and Mrs Sharon Brown who helped us too.

A reminder….. that we have our Annual Teddy Bear’s Picnic next Friday 30th June at 2.00pm outside Woodlands. You are ALL invited. Bring your picnic blankets, teddies and children for some family fun.

Don’t forget there is no After School Care that night as it will be Speech Day the next day.

You are welcome to come along to Beechwood on Saturday 1st July too, as Woodlands, and all the classes are open in the afternoon for you to look around. We would love to see you there.

Here’s some more details from Tuesday’s exciting day, courtesy of Orange Class:

Old MacDonald had a farm Eee-ie-ee-ie-oh, and on that farm he had some Woodlanders Eee-ie-ee-ie-oh!

Our Woodlanders enjoyed riding ‘Tristan the Tractor’, feeding the farm animals and tickling guinea-pigs. They also explored the sand pits, jumped on the bouncy pillows and panned for gold. What an amazingly wonderful day of fun! There were a few sleepyheads on the way home. They were a total credit to you on their day out. Their behaviour was impeccable. The coach driver even took the time to let them all know how well behaved they were. He said they would all be very welcome on his coach again! All the teachers also really enjoyed the day as the children were a true pleasure. We are so proud of all our Woodlanders!

As we approach the end of our school year we have lots of ‘special events’ to occupy us. Last week was Sports Day and this week our trip.

However, Woodlanders never stop and, in the ‘in between week’, Green Class took our inspiration from Sports Day and, literally, didn’t stop!

Sporty activities became a focus for many of our activities. On ‘Wear Your Kit to School Day’ we had footballers, cricketers, rugby players and children wearing kit from their own, out of school, sporting activities. We designed football boots and shirts, built stadia from our construction materials, wove tennis rackets and sewed rugby balls!

Even our PE lesson was based on cricket skills and we discovered that Green Class has some pretty handy bowlers and fielders. What a pity that the Ashes selectors and Mr Stokes didn’t check us out before they went to Edgbaston this week. We could have got those extra two wickets!

Take a look at our week in pictures here

Woodlands at Willows

Have a wonderful weekend with your wonderful Woodlanders!

With my best wishes

Shirley Hayman
Head of Woodlands

From the Junior Librarians

Marvellous Margot by Lou Peacock

A lovely story of empathy and friendship as readers follow Margot through town. She has baked a cake for her friend Oscar and sets off with her red wagon to deliver it. On her travels, she bumps into lots of friends who she ends up helping (and giving a slice of cake) … with all her generosity, will there be any cake left for Oscar?